How to Do (Just About) Anything on iOS

When it comes to my smartphone, some would say that I have an addiction to apps. An appdiction, if you will. I try plenty of free apps — and get points that I can use toward gift cards thanks to Free My …continue reading

Five Geeky Gift Ideas for iPhone Owners

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Broken iPhone? Recover What You Want Using Dr. Fone

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iPads: Cheap Online Retailers

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How to Upload Images to iPad Without iTunes

Ever wondered how to upload images to iPad without iTunes? Nick Corrigan writes:

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Apple Saved My Life!

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Is an iPhone 5 Upgrade Really Necessary?

Is an iPhone 5 upgrade necessary? Maybe it depends on where you begin. Ben Lormon writes:

Hello, Chris!

My question comes the day after Apple’s shares dropped below $500/share for the first time in almost a year. As I’m sure you know, this is due …continue reading

Is Leaving My iPhone Charging Overnight Bad?

Nolan Levesque writes:

Hey, Chris. I’m wondering if plugging my iPhone in to charge before bed and leaving it plugged in for 8-10 hours after it’s fully charged is harmful? Thanks for all the great content; don’t let haters get you down!

Leaving your …continue reading

Is An iPad Powerful Enough for Multimedia Editing?

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Will an iPad mini Be Better for Me Than My Nexus 7?

Joey Giangola writes:

Hello, Chris.

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