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7 Reasons to Sport a Sony Action Cam System

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It seems that (these days) everybody’s looking to record all the action that happens throughout the average day.

Or, in my case, all the action that I can …continue reading

7 Pocket or MultiTools to Tame Your Tasks

The Swiss+Tech ST53130 Palm-Grip Micro-Max Xtreme has everything but the kitchen sink: http://t.co/BZLWE6yh4R pic.twitter.com/Bf1kxYFRx6

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We didn't think you'd see this coming: http://t.co/SWWM2Gwfzt pic.twitter.com/KMW6zlBBw3

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The Advantages of Color Laser Printers

Color laser printers are becoming more commonplace in home offices as the cost of this technology continues to decline. There are a number of reasons you might want to choose color laser printers over traditional inkjet solutions, even in a home office where …continue reading

The Newest Technology in Floor Cleaning

Keeping your floors and carpet clean is a real chore. No, really. Floor cleaning is the very epitome of the household chore — against which all other household chores are measured.

If you have kids or pets, you probably know just how quickly a bright …continue reading

Selecting the Right GPS Tracking Device for You

Selecting the right (Global Positioning System) GPS tracking device for you can be a difficult task if you’re not sure exactly what you want out of the device. The average smart phone these days will double as a GPS tracking device on the fly, but …continue reading

Accessories That Will Improve Your GoPro Photos

GoPro photos have arguably changed the world of action video for the better. Consumers and professionals alike have taken little GoPro cameras and used them to capture some of the most impressive feats of human sportsmanship and live action from a first-person perspective. You can …continue reading