The Max PC Bundle

The Max PC BundleHey, Windows users! I know that it sometimes feels like the Mac OS X kids get to have all the fun (I know how it feels because I, too, am a Windows user). Recently, we talked about a Mac Essentials Bundle here at LockerGnome that only seemed to reinforce this perception; for this, we’re truly sorry. We never meant to make anyone feel excluded from the Cool Kids Club, and we hope that telling you about the Max PC Bundle may, in some small way at least, make up for it.

The Max PC Bundle (not Mac’s or even Macs’ PC Bundle, which would just be confusing for everyone involved) gives us Windows users seven apps designed to enhance our lives. This is a relief, because I was expecting that some mean-spirited developer would slip at least one or two apps into the bundle that were designed to diminish our lives. I’m happy to report, my fellow Windows users, that this doesn’t appear to be the case! For the bundle price of only $25, we get these seven apps (which would, on their own, total $228):

CleanMyPC (clean PC of unnecessary files, system junk, and application leftovers)
DVD Ranger (copy and convert multimedia)
Teracopy (quickly copy and move files)
Breevy (finds connections between seemingly unrelated files)
Direct Folders (detect trojan horses and spyware)
Pixo (apply awesome effects to your pictures)
Spyglass (disk visualization and duplicate finder).

The Max PC Bundle won’t be around forever. Check it out while it lasts!

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