Nokia Presents New Lumia Phones Today

Nokia Presents New Lumia Phones TodayToday, Nokia presented the new Lumia 920. This is an important release for both Nokia and Microsoft, because now is the time to gain some of the smartphone market share that both companies have been coveting. This fall, Microsoft is launching a number of products, including Windows Phone 8, that share the code base with Windows 8. The new Lumia 920 could be considered the flagship phone of the platform, with its 4.5″ curved glass display. Nokia touts a newly developed screen it calls PureMotion HD+, which promises the best ever daylight viewing and “better than HD” resolution. It will be interesting to see how the new iPhone (5) compares to Microsoft’s big hope.

Windows Phone 8 itself will, of course, be presented later this month. Some features were already revealed at the Nokia event, including the new ability to take screenshots on the device. The camera app will also support pinch zoom now instead of the old zoom bar. It also comes with a new Lenses feature, which is another name for extending applications that add functions to the camera.

The Lumia 920 comes with a 1.5 MHz dual Snapdragon S4 processor, 1 GB RAM, and 32 GB storage. It will come in red, yellow, white, black, or slate grey. One great feature coming with the Lumia 920 has wireless charging integrated. Nokia believes that the new display is the fastest and brighest LCD display ever on a smartphone. It has super-sensitive touch, which allows usage even with gloves. It also introduces the JBL Power Up with wireless charging integrated, which is compatible with the Lumia 920. It also links with the speaker over Bluetooth, playing your music directly from the phone. Nokia Music is coming to the US as of today. There’s also a lower-end Lumia 820, with the same PureView camera and apps, but also with exchangeable shells.

Nokia Smart Shoot allows you to take photos anywhere, and afterwards delete any moving objects from the photo. Imagine that you’re in a museum and want to take a photo of your friends, but there are too many people walking around. That’s no longer a problem with the Lumia 920. Another Lens is Cinemagraph. The new PureView comes with an aperture of f2.0. Since the whole camera is isolated from the rest of the phone, it promises less blurring than ever before in a smartphone. Video is also available that’s as close as possible to using a steadicam.

Steve Ballmer stood on stage to further talk about the new future of Windows. “This is a year for Windows,” he says. “This is Lumia, the world’s most innovative smartphone. Thank you very much.” With these words, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop ended the presentation of the new Lumia phones.

Image: Microsoft

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  • Dallin Crump

    I think Nokia/Microsoft are poised to really shake things up in the smartphone market. Once Windows 8 is released and more people become familiar with “the interface formerly known as Metro”, they’ll be able to pick up a Windows 8 phone and instinctively know how to use it. That could be a huge selling point for many people.

  • Fernando Molina

    Wow that looks great. Those specs are promising. If it’s released after the iPhone 6th Gen I might get it.

  • Piero Garavito Martell

    nokia make a mistake launching a lot of lumias in 1 year!!!! next year the strategy its launch 20 lumias…. ok !!!

  • Conal Duffy

    This phone looks really cool. I like where Microsoft is going with windows 8 and RT, and such.

  • Zak Woolley

    No cyan colour :(

  • Dravack

    This looks like an awesome phone. I’d have a hard time deciding between Windows phone or iPhone again next time I upgrade if my provider ever got a windows phone =/

  • dean

    looks awsome heard allot of good things about the last one hopefully this one will live up to the same name i think in my opinion its one of the best looking phones on the market not the phone soft are i just like its curved but andd this is were windows 8 should have stayed on a phone :)

  • Ole A

    Nokia has a pretty good design, hope they keep at it

  • Bharat Kumar Gupta

    Again as a curious user(not a biased one) i would like to try this device, the specs and details seems nice, and sure why not the more choices we have the better, in trying such device i may also learn potential of windows phone OS and will have to see how intuitive that interface is with regards to application and usage model that i m already accustomed with iOS & android. Like you mentioned the camera in the device also has been improved(again a winning feature for me as i use camera all the time), lets see how they price it, it has promise surely!

  • Adam Smith

    Unfortunately Nokia has set a nasty precedent this week during its Lumia presentation. It had to apologise afterwards after it was evident that the Lumia sample photos were actually taken by another camera ! This was evident because there was a reflection in the photo to show that the photos werent taken by the Lumia
    Seems that the trend for Company Demonstrations/Live launches arent safe from fake advertising, and no longer can you trust these launches ! Find the details by searching:
    “TELECOM giant Nokia has apologised for a video demonstration that led viewers to believe it had been filmed with its new smartphone but was in fact made with other equipment”
    I actually own an earlier Nokia phone, so am commenting only on the medium of live demonstrations

  • Cosdis

    They have a big step to take before they can fight with the “big guys” (Apple/Samsung).

  • Curtis Coburn

    Wow. That phone sounds really cool. I really wanna get to a Microsoft store and try one out. Who knows, maybe I might switch from my iPhone to a Windows phone. It looks really good, and has good hardware. Microsoft is coming out with some really cool things this year with Windows 8.

  • HydroDerp

    1.5 MHz, I think that the 1st gen Macintosh was more powerful than that.