Windows 8 Start Menu? Kind of – from Samsung

Windows 8 Start Menu? Kind of - from SamsungSince the Consumer Preview of Windows 8, this has been an oft-discussed and heated subject: the omission of the Start button. Even though many users across the Internet also recognize this as the demise of the Start menu, this is not true. It has merely been replaced by the full-screen Start screen, which now greets users after switching on their computers.

There have been a couple of workarounds for those die-hard Start button fans. Samsung is taking it upon itself now to help ease the transition to Windows 8. Every one of its own computers will come with the S Launcher widget pre-installed, which emulates a taskbar with a hovering menu, like it is in every version since Windows 95.

According to Mashable, which had a chance to catch it in action, it will mimic the Windows 7 menu. Yet, judging from the screenshots, it looks even more out-of-place with its brightly saturated blue color than do the Modern UI elements of Windows 8. The widget also provides a Settings icon, which centralizes your PC settings, unlike the Settings charm.

It’s apparently not the last time we’ll hear about the “missing” Start button. It still remains my own humble opinion that the changes introduced with Windows 8 will lead to a greater, more versatile line-up of hardware this coming holiday season. It also shows that the general public seems to have forgotten about the ever-present Windows key on most any keyboard, whether desktop or laptop. Also, most the computer geeks complaining about the Start screen seem to have forgotten the basic Windows shortcuts. It remains a mystery to me as to why the normal user usually adapts much better to change than those who are supposedly at the frontline of the cutting edge.

For everyone not planning to buy a Samsung computer and still craving for an old Start menu, there exist a couple of options. These include the Start8 add-on from Stardock, and the useful program multi-display DisplayFusion. Both of these will simulate a traditional looking Start menu. Beyond this, I believe it’s time to move on.

What do you think about Samsung’s attempt to gratify the Start button/menu fans? Drop us a line and share your thoughts!

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