How to Make Internet Explorer 10 Run in 64-bit

The desktop version of Internet Explorer 10 tabs in 32-bit by default, but this can be changed. The “Modern UI” version, or whatever it’s called now, runs in 64-bit mode all the time. However, both versions run the browser frame process in 64-bit, and the desktop version runs tabs in 32-bit by default for the sake of plug-in compatibility. Since the Modern UI version doesn’t support any plug-ins at all, Microsoft decided to make it all-64-bit.

If you want to run the tabs of the desktop version in 64-bit, too, then you need to turn on Enhanced Protected Mode in Internet Options, Advanced. Don’t be fooled by the ticked box next to Enhanced mode under Security. If you didn’t tick the box under Advanced, it has no effect. In the RTM version there no longer exists a separation like there was in Windows 7 in both the Start menu and Jump List. The only difference is the above-mentioned setting. Regardless, in the Task Manager, IE 10 will always appear as a 64-bit program.

Bear in mind that if you run Internet Explorer 10 in 64-bit, most plug-ins won’t be compatible, but you get more strict security in return. There’s a 64-bit version of Adobe Flash available though, but ironically not of Microsoft’s own Silverlight. To this day, there is no word from Microsoft on whether IE 10 will be available for download on Windows 7.

If you want a much more in-depth and technical explanation of the Enhanced Protected Mode, then head over to the MSDN blog.

How to Make Internet Explorer 10 Run in 64-bit

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  • Curtis Coburn

    That’s good. I might turn that on. Sometimes I use IE. To be honest, I kind of like it, but do like Google Chrome better.

  • Ryan White

    When I start using Windows 8 everyday I am sure I will use this as IE is baked into the OS and the only Metro integrated browser. As it stands now with my Linux and Windows 7 machines Chrome is all that I use…

    After you do your install of Windows 8 Live and get some time I would like to see a segment on your thoughts of the Metro version of IE10 vs the Windows 8 versions of Chrome and Firefox.

  • Dan Czarnecki

    This would be a very helpful option for people who would want to use IE like this all the time. For a 64-bit machine, why wouldn’t this option come enabled by default?

  • Uthman Baksh

    Easier solution, Install Chrome. Oh wait, you would need to so this in order for IE to work properly so you can effectively download Chrome. Keeping this handy for when I install Windows 8 on the PC in the living room.

  • Zain Siddiqui

    Internet Explorer? The only time I use IE is to download another browser.

  • scallawagon

    good to know! and so easy. why didn’t i know this before. *sigh*

  • johnwerneken