Would You Buy a Windows RT Surface for $199?

Would You Buy a Windows RT Surface for $199?Should this rumor be true, it could end in a big world of hurt for PC makers. Even Acer, which actually manufactures the Surface tablets for Microsoft, trembles at the thought of a $199 price tag for the Windows RT Surface that is slated for release on October 26th — simultaneous with the launch of Windows 8.

“Suggested retail pricing will be announced closer to availability and is expected to be competitive with a comparable ARM tablet or Intel Ultrabook-class PC,” Steven Sinofsky, head of Windows, stated at the presentation back in June. The most pertinent question on everybody’s mind is: What does “comparable ARM tablet” mean these days? $399? $299? Or even $199, following the Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7.

When Microsoft unveiled its first foray into the tablet market, the accompanying video ad showed a completely new side of the Redmond giant. It’s a flashy video with sleek images of the Surface, raw materials, paired with a dubsteb soundtrack. Is this the new, “cool” face of Microsoft? Windows 8, Windows RT, Office 2013, Xbox, Windows Phone, and Surface all use the new Modern UI (formerly Metro), to convey a new push into a unified future. It’s a complete turnaround for Microsoft — one which (I believe) will likely pay off.

Coincidentally, tomorrow is the MSDN release for Windows 8. LockerGnome will publish a detailed review of the RTM version. Yet the general public has yet to find out just how deep the change runs. It’s not simply a cosmetic overhaul, but a fundamental change of philosophy over at Microsoft.

It has been argued that Windows 8 has largely been conceived as a tablet OS, something I personally disagree with. However, it seems now more and more that the Surface tablets will play a pivotal role in the success of this new rising ecosystem. Preloaded with a version of Office 2013, and presumably an RT version of Skype, it could very well become a successful product — simply because of the fact that people like to use familiar software. Windows, as a brand, is analogous with computing around the world.

An aggressive pricing model might cause two results: one bad, and one good. A $199 price tag would instantly make it a success on the market, but also make it hard for other PC makers to compete and match this extremely low price. On the other hand, it might also be in incentive for developers to start supporting the new Windows RT platform. Both would be beneficial to Microsoft, not necessarily to its partner hardware manufacturers.

However, all this is just speculation. As much as it sounds like a dream price, Microsoft will most likely not price the Surface below $399. Yet, if it actually prices it lower, then the Surface could take a big portion of the tablet market now dominated by the iPad. Windows RT depends largely on how well-received these new Windows-based tablet devices are received. If they fail to make a dent on the market, then Windows 8 will have a hard time justifying its profound changes.

This is a busy year for Microsoft. It remains to be seen if this new way of doing things in Redmond will ensure an even more prosperous future.

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  • http://www.anthonyguidetti.com/ Anthony Guidetti

    If the OEM’s get angry, what are they going to do? Move everything over to Android or a Linux distro? If anything, it just makes them want to create a better product.

  • Adam Smith

    Initial public perception, whether it be for the new release movie, or in computing (eg Vista in 2003) is critical. Price is not the most important influence
    The most critical aspect of Surface is the OS itself
    If the public find the interface is clumsy or unstable, that will impact most on public perception and dampen sales regardless of price
    Assuming, and that is an assumption, that the user experience on a tablet is a good one, I suggest Microsoft have a honeymoon period of 3 months, charging $250 – $300, to attract good public perception
    Obviously Microsoft would then be entitled to increase the price to something more after this initial public support is gained
    Surface is a tablet, NOT a laptop, so is mainly for media consumption not creation
    Dont forget that Office 2013 is not designed for the touchscreen, it requires a mouse and keyboard (read any proper review, the ribbon is too large for use with fingers/touch) Surface’s keyboard is not a standard solidstate keyboard, so is not for large documents
    I already have a perfectly functioning laptop with excellent standard keyboard, which is thus good for media creation and consumption
    Therefore do not charge ultrabook prices ($700+), or your tablet will be ‘Dead On Arrival’
    Maximum I would be prepared to pay for any tablet is $500, regardless of the addons

  • http://twitter.com/#!/gpowerf G.Power

    For $199? The question is who wouldn’t?!?!?!
    I may have a new iPad, but I am not SOOOOoooo attached to it that when it needs replacing I’d be happy to pay twice as much for the Apple poduct if the MS one is good enough. And from what I have seen UI wise Suface is looking very interesting indeed.

  • nerys

    well it depends. if its “locked down” like apple hardware is IE where you don’t truly OWN the property in question then NO I would not even if it was $50. if I can’t own it COMPLETELY then I want nothing to do with it.

    • Andrew

      Might as well not bother buying any computing device anymore, then. Well, not unless you want to live in the world of Linux, but ultimately even that is only licensed.

      • nerys

        So be it

        let me be clear here. this is not a negotiation. there are no compromises or discussions. its my blood its my money its MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. no compromise no alternatives no negotiation no discussion.

        if that means I stop using these high tech goodies SO BE IT. I will not budge from this position either I own it or I DON’T and want nothing to do with it.

        with android google can NOT stop me from doing pretty much anything I want with the hardware. I run a custom rom so they can’t even push an update to my phone. and its all legal. I did not have to break any laws to do it.

        with android I can install apps from third party sites I can install apps from my sd card.

        I AM IN CONTROL of my property. I actually have “ownership” of this property as it should be.

        with apple you do not. with apple the ONLY legal way to get software ON the device is via the itunes store and they have TOTAL say over what can and can not be put in that store. Its not the control over itunes that I have a problem with (it is THEIR store) but the device is NOT THEIRS and they have NO lawful right in my book to “rig” the device to ONLY permit installation FROM their store. default like android? sure but NO >EASY< lawful way around it? forget it.

        allowing them remote access to alter my device and NO MEANS to turn that off without "breaking" the device ? (disable the radio and they can't update but you just "broke" the primary function of that device) NO THANKS.

        either its mine or its theirs I recognize NO LEVEL OF INBETWEEN and if its theirs I don't want anything to do with it.

        I do not recognize software license or terms for my own use. they are null and void in my book. again non negotiable. ZERO comprimise. ZERO discussion its my way or the highway there are no alternatives.

        you want to set terms on my sharing of the software SURE ok that is your IP rights.

        but I will NOT give up my PROPERTY RIGHTS under any conditions. and people NEED to wake the heck up and start enforcing this.

        I REFUSED to even buy a dvd player until I could easily and painlessly "hack" the encryption. the same applies to blu ray. I don't have a blu ray player for that reason.

        My property is MINE to control as I see fit for my own use. you have NO SAY in how I may or may not use or access my property for my own use.

        I recognize NO SUCH power and will NEVER recognize any such power. when I can not FORCE my will in this regard I WILL STOP BUYING its that simple. non negotiable.

        • http://www.jadtechnic.tk/ Richard Dambrosi

          i am guessing you wont be replying to this response as by the time I can post it you will have learned that the day of owning when it comes to technology is about over even with android. and so you will have given up using said devices..

          the media world has been ripped off long enough I fear and are not going to take it no more all tablet s that use win 8 will be locked and like Ipad they will be disposable they will also be cloud based you will only be leasing the programs but video , music and games :)

          even with Linux the only thing that is free is the source code you can down load it and you can change it to your hearts content for your own use when it comes to providing up date and improvements they must meet community standards and editing over and over before they are made official if they ever are ..

          if you bought a house answer me this do you own it I mean really own it , if you think so try to go without paying taxes a few years and find out , you will learn fast the land is on loan to you as long as you always pay and when they come for the land they take whats on it as prize .of the spoils ..

  • http://chris.pirillo.com/ Chris Pirillo

    In short? Yes. $200 is impulse buy territory for me.

    • Christopher Micallef

      Considering that you returned your old one, this is interesting. Maybe now they will finally clear out their inventory. I think it would be smarter for Micrsoft to make a surface with a 14nm Atom processor instead of investing in a Surface with RT 3. What do you think Chris?

  • https://plus.google.com/112301869379652563135/posts Ryan Matthew Pierson

    At $200, very likely.

  • Hari

    200$ for a windows tablet..well it will be a big yes

  • sdeforest

    Yes, for a variety of reasons. One of which is to encourage further evolution. The computer I am writing this on would be easily recognized by a user from ten years ago just as a automobile driver from 1950 would have no trouble driving a modern car with little training. On the other hand, I would have to work hard to drive a multiple-horse drawn vehicle. Transportation have evolved. Computers should also.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathanhirt Jonathan Hirt

    Heck yes. Sign me up. I would greatly prefer Windows 8 on a tablet over Android or iOS

  • http://twitter.com/KyleIT Kyle Stewart

    Heck yes!

  • James

    That is a great price.

  • http://twitter.com/globalholidays David Brice

    Of course Yes, who wouldn’t, but it’s not going to be sold at that price so it’s pointless speculation.

  • http://twitter.com/lhamil64 Lee

    I could see many students getting them at $200. I think I read somewhere that Windows RT will come with Office preinstalled, so that’s almost worth the price right there. You also get Windows (duh) and all that on a portable tablet that a student could take to class or whatever if they didn’t want to bring their computer. You could even get this plus a cheaper desktop and it would be about the same price as a laptop.

  • Jason

    YES…take my money

  • http://twitter.com/eduplessis Edouard Duplessis


  • http://www.jadtechnic.tk/ Richard Dambrosi

    microsoft cant afford to do this for $200 its a big leap for them and I believe they plan on making this fly its the difference in still being in the game any longer , if surface comes out below the $499 to $999 range to start and they cant move computing devices back into the profit margin of living wages for all involved out sode of the smart phone we can call this the end of the craze that was personal computers not the end of the PC era ..

    there is to many mouths that eat dependent on this to let device prices drop any lower ..
    it is almost to the point now where the whole industry barely makes a good income for a 3rd world nation ..

    there is serveral hundred thousand businesses dependent on money from some part of development and production of these devices each of them say from 2 to 500 employee many of these companys money from this technology is there only source they are all vie each person and copy vieing for part of the $200 you are saying this will be worth ..

    i have wrote this in many discussion on the same subject how many of you are goingto be willing to work for less then .50 cents an hours 20 hours a day 7 days a week to see these get made keeping in mind that the employes out there are also the customer who have to purchase them as well because we are not only the employees and owners of these company’s we are the consumers as well ..

    just my opinion

  • http://twitter.com/Meggsy8 Margaret Wilmink

    Always great info and obvious research.

  • Alphonso

    Yep, @ $200 I’d buy 2 at least, just to check it out. Two hundred is painless.

  • reedfisher

    No price is low enough for me to purchase anything Microsoft. I’m so fed up with the entire company and its thoughtless and worthless products, that it’s “thanks, but no thanks” at any price. Maybe if they paid ME $199??? Naw. Still no deal.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.gray.925 Dan Gray

    Ok, as an official tester for MS, I can confirm that YES there is a TABLET coming out Oct 27th 2012 that will sport a scaled down version of Windows 8 and the retail price is $199.00 American. It is to compete with the iPad and will do darn near everything the iPad does today including the great display that iPad has now. So unlike the Authors statement, the world of hurt will be for the MAC sales as why buy an iPad for $800 or more when you can get the same thing from Windows for almost a third of the price? Not to mention that the Android cell phone is already outselling the iPhone by 4 to 1 and is expected to hit 10 to 1 by the end of next year..So says Verizon and Centennial and ATT&T and Sprint and T-Mobile. Seems MAC is the one that should be worried as without Jobs, they are dying a very slow death of a thousand cuts

  • http://www.jadtechnic.tk/ Richard Dambrosi

    there is articles out there right now, claiming that microsoft could sell the surface and squeak out a profit, one can see only one purpose for them doing this ..
    in my mind it is a bigger risk then the changes to windows already and the decision to develope there own tablet .

    people reasoning is if microsoft is to do this will be to knock out any hope of there OEM partners from getting in to the ARMS race ( so to speak) and keep the PC market alive no matter the cost , to me this is nuts since they have made the huge change to there software already and a big move to the cloud and there software leased online pay to use ..

    this is not real new consept corporations rather then paying for many copies of OS and program software have been paying for seat licencing fees for years also prevents the use of a few purchased discs being used to load hundreds and thousand of computer with necessary software..

    they contract with a company to pay a fee to have 100 or 500 computer on a system iat al time and for more to get on they have to pay more or other wait for one to log off for another to get on a computer ..

    I worked for 2 company of well over 5000 with huge computer networks and system and this is how it is done today this combine with the cloud and BYOD makes life so much more simple and cost effective for them the contract agreements leasing program and OS per machine as needed saves $$$

    it insane to think mircosoft would do this because they can afford to lose money to put everyone else out of the business then dump it them self one a double gamble ..

    • http://www.jadtechnic.tk/ Richard Dambrosi

      I think the questin in this case would be this more or less

      WOuld you buy the surface tablet if it was selling for $199 knowing it is meant to be nothing but a loss leader for mircosoft and obsolete at the time of release ??

    • http://www.facebook.com/dan.gray.925 Dan Gray

      I guess you missed the statement from Redmond Washington where Gates stated that he wants to place all of MS (OS’s and programs) in cloud format, or that the new windows 8 allows you to do exactly that, and am I reading this wrong or isnt this exactly what you claim would be a good thing? So why are you cutting MS when they are doing or trying to, the exact same thing you just stated wuold be a good thing? Or do you intentionally try to cut windows with every post? Sure seems like it.

      • http://www.jadtechnic.tk/ Richard Dambrosi

        I think your miss understand my post entirely :)

        i have said nothing to cut windows in any way I simplly pointing out that the logic in the rumor of the $199 price dont work at all this would knock all there partner out of the competitiveness they are already they were already bleeding with the ever falling prices of PCs lap tops moved to ulrabook and note pad people are actually willing to pay $500 to $1500 for bring moving everyones standard of living back in to reason ..

        if Microsoft come out with a win mini version tablet for $199 these partners Microsoft been making all there dollars from are going to abandon the market these company’s are already bleeding and there employees and family’s , they are going to move on right now the electronic company’s are at the cross road they were in the 80s when the CB boom blew up on them many are the same company they have seen this before and it nearly broke once betting to much on what they thought was a sure thing ..

        it my gut feeling Microsoft is going to do the wise thing and pull the pricing of computing devices back out of the much by setting the pricing bar profitable for all , if they dont and the surface tablet flops by the time they shift back acer, Hp, dell are all going to either move on to Linux or abandon the market all together leaving Microsoft with an OS and no one producing anything to run it on ..

        im not trying to cut Microsoft at all they have more of a responsibly to the whole internet community and internet bubble , the internet is very large yes and it is a lot of revenue but it all also a tight rope walk this is what everyone in the late 90’s was trying to point out about all the investment in the internet company’s , tying loads of capital up people think the dot com bomb has already gone off just let one or two of these big company’s fall to the wayside and the hole in the worlds economy at this point will be unpatchable ..

        soon there will be a billion computers in use online it takes a lot to replace these every 2 to 4 years the average life yeah people have older machines doing light work but the life is no more then 24 to 48 months ..

        what happens when there is really no one out there left producing anything to replace them with ??? no companys makeing replacment parts no R&D because there is simplly not enough profit left to keep company alive ..

        • http://www.jadtechnic.tk/ Richard Dambrosi

          the even bigger point is that companys like dell leveno, HP,Acer have proved by running out of the PC market and in to the ultrabook note pad and tablet market that they can move interest back in to the market by doubleing the price for less computer..

          ultrabooks are not only slimmer they Lack the DVD/cd drive and burner , they have multiple cores how ever the GHZ is low on them yet people have been use to paying $250 to $375 for lap tops now paying $500 to $1500 for an ultra book ..

          why would Microsoft buck a trend where people are willing to buy more and pay more for less ??

          • http://www.facebook.com/dan.gray.925 Dan Gray

            No I got your point completely. You have been trying in every post to give reasons as to why MS wont do this and failing miserably each and every time. If you dislike MS so much, then why are you here? You do know this thread is about MS and it’s soon to be released pad…right? It is not here for you to constantly give YOUR reasons as to why this wont happen. If you dont like MS then you are free to leave at any time. But for the love of God STOP trying to downgrade something that you dont even have yet. I on the other hand DO have it as MS offered the testers a pad with a working version of Windows 8 about a month ago. This is why I can speak from fact and all you have are suppositions.

          • http://www.jadtechnic.tk/ Richard Dambrosi

            if there are working version they are very limited, and some how I still dont think you got my point :)

            I am not degrading or putting anyone down and its still a question as to if in the end of October if you will be able to get a surface or any other tablet at any price , as company’s start pulling back on there boost about the tablet not because it cant work not because it is not impressive but because they can not get the part and electronic necessarily to produce them in quantities enough to justify production ..

            Toshiba was the first to announce they will not be making a tablet they can not get parts to start production , I guess this leaves us in the wait and see as to if any can get the part to produce them in any quantity ..

            and keep in mind the rarer something is the more it is going to sell for that is how the market works ..

            these things are promised just in time for the Christmas season I remember play station when they couldn’t get enough production the play station price went through the roof this is just one example ..

            it is possible this could become one of them Items gone viral and the majority prices shoot up to $5000 just to have one ..

            I have not put any thing anyone or any company down what so ever just made some statements based on the trending news of today about the market much of it from the companys and there spokes people ..

            not sure how you think having a pro to type makes you more qualified to speak about what the price is going to be from the experiences you got they are free ???

          • http://www.jadtechnic.tk/ Richard Dambrosi

            i was in the plastic industry for 30 years I can tell you right now just the R&D on the case molds types of materials testing of perfect colors and blends the proto type in research can take 2 years after the test molds made and the first 1000 pieces of each material color are approve data is all set , the secondary equipment is decided on built and tested till it works trouble free then all the pro to type stuff is set out to the various machine and tool die companies and produce in the numbers and quantity needed for each company that will produce these would be about 5 to 8 years from start to finish ..

            this is just the outer cover forget the hardware software technology inside , I can tell you this much this was in the planning for years how ever Microsoft was not given priority over the like of toshbia ,HP , dell they got in line if some of the big manufactures are having issues and no doubt it is very possible one of these company’s are assembling for them that is how the market works if they cant get parts this put them all Microsoft included in a bad spot right now ..

            I dont doubt this will come out in October at all ,I think its going to be limited slower then they thought and I very much doubt its coming out at under $400 to $50 and that the low end thought ..

            i worked fora company that was very big in the parts of electronic no one ever thinks about , my last job was in designing and building the automated trimmers ,punches, welders and getting them working helping work out the programming for the processors that made them go ..

            linking them into the massive computer systems that fed data into the network about there production there up times down times , help design the quality control gauges and gadgets that did the measuring and testing , and then on to the installation and training of how it worked ..

            I was one in a team of over 1000 engineers ( company geeks ) as I called them the blueprint crew ..

          • http://www.jadtechnic.tk/ Richard Dambrosi

            the list of companys I was charter by though not limited to these just to name a few , Kodak, Nexpress, Minolta, Konica, IBM ,Compaq, Packard bell,HP, the list goes on to many to list many some would not think of a tech company’s

          • http://www.facebook.com/dan.gray.925 Dan Gray

            Right…thanks for making some very inflated claims with no proof or documentation and expecting us to believe it. You are no better then anyone else on this thread and in fact Chris has you beat as he has been doing this longer then you. Not to mention that I have been writing code for programs since 1975 when the very fastest computer cost $8000.00 for a home edition and its speed was 4 baud and all programs were written on 5 in floppy drives. So again if you cannot say something nice about MS then dont say anything as this constant bashing of a company and stating they cant do something cause YOU say so, has got to stop!

          • http://www.jadtechnic.tk/ Richard Dambrosi

            not sure any longer what article you are posting too , First it is not a article about windows 8 or programming or anything like that , it is an article about yet another price rumor for the surface tablet selling for $199 ..

            I never said there was no tablets at all What I said is I dont believe they will be less then $450 to $900 they need to help pull the market back out of the mud its in non profitability for all involved..

            not sure what inflated claim you are talking about ?? nor am I aware of any knocking down of Microsoft.. I said I believe they have more responsibly to the
            industry and the family’s of the people who work in it to help lift the whole thing back up to profitability not kill it all off ..
            like I saidI worked in the plastic industry its just one of many many more then I could list involved and effected by technology in several ways , it cost in the neighborhood of 500K to800K just to get the casing for a computer monitor phone printer no matter anything else you can think of these are not claims these are facts I was there in the meeting for many many tech company even simple things like ink cart rages home size and industrial size ..
            I know the size of operation there was a day because of nondisclosure agreement I couldn’t even discuss it ,,if one industry drops the ball everyone goes down think of the body of these tablets as there packaging for the goodies inside ..
            each piece each part has a manufacturer the big name label on the front is the only one that any one thinks that counts the only one that makes money not the only people making incomes paychecks from it ..
            these were my points where does your argument fit in again and how am I wrong.

            either way im done not sure what you are on about :) have a good night

          • http://www.facebook.com/dan.gray.925 Dan Gray

            I am “on about” people like you who give backhanded slaps at a company. You are going on and on and on about how MS cant make a profit in releasing the pad (you DO know that they said the same thing when MS first started…right? and now look at them, they own 92% of all computers out there today because all of them *including MAC* are running programs based on MS tech) You are ripping apart an item that you dont even have yet. And you expect anyone to take you seriously? Again if you dont have one of these pads (and you dont but as a tester who took advantage of the offer by MS…I DO have one of the tablets) then all you can say is why YOU would or would not buy one. nothing more. Like it or love it, deal with it as this is reality!

          • http://www.jadtechnic.tk/ Richard Dambrosi

            ok well I never actually said Microsoft can’t make a profit<i said the industry as a whole can't and Microsoft hasa respectability to the industry in this since it is dependent on each and every part of it to get there software and hardware out there to the public ..

            many are already droping away from making tablets because they cant get parts to make them , even raspberry pie is limited because they cant get parts ..
            the only 2 companies not heard from yet on this matter is Lenovo and Microsoft so far and Lenovo gave price ranging from $349 to $900 for there tablets in the same line as surface ..

            as for your numbers how do you figure Microsoft has 92% of the market ???

            That may have been true 5 years ago but today there is %billion computing Devices out there of them 1 Billion are Microsoft (windows) that includes servers xp and windows CE 4 billion of them are linux and android , and there is another 350,000 Linux cloud and web server in data centers world wide ..

            Im not slapping down any company or anyone and I don't need to have a Surface tablet ever to state these facts they are very well know and published for anyone interested enough to find , yeah they are rough numbers no one can have exact numbers but they are close ..

            the reason they cant get enough parts for all these companies to produce these companies are leaving the market because of losing money hand over fist the more that go the less phone tablet computer there are going to be the price of computers and devices is going up not down the price already bottom out in the PC market that is why no one wants to make or sell them no more there is only negative money in them now ..

            you dont need to have a surface tablet every to say that just a pair of eyes to see the writing on the economic wall ..

            I believe the surface will be out in october I believe the volume avalable isnt going to be close to match demand and I believe without a doubt the price is going up you can already see it in the note book and ultra book market and the statements being made in the industry is the ARM tablets will be priced no less then $250 to $300 less then the intel counter parts that already are selling from $900 to $1500 even at a best buy today ..

          • http://www.facebook.com/dan.gray.925 Dan Gray

            Big deal…and this makes you an expert on computer programs and programing/writing exactly how?

          • http://www.facebook.com/dan.gray.925 Dan Gray

            Yet again he says he is not trying to downgrade anything, yet he does exactly that. The reason I already have one of the tablets is that MS offered them to the testers for $299. and when this went to RTM they gave us a valid serial so we now have the tablets complete with a valid version of Windows 8. We also received close to another $500. worth of MS programs…like Office 2013 and a few others. So the Tablet DOES in fact exist. Again, this is a MS win8 thread and if all you are going to do is to attack and try to disparage MS, then you can leave anytime you want as nobody here needs your opinion. MS has done quite well for themselves long before you were around and they will do quite well for themselves long after you are gone.

  • http://twitter.com/KarlNU Karl Newark

    I think one thing that is very important to this is apps, even if it’s the most fantastic piece of hardware with no ecosystem it isn’t work $50 to me. Look how this problem has held back Windows Phone 7, even though the software available is growing, the initial stigma of the relatively small range of software at launch still effects the brand in a negative way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.gray.925 Dan Gray

    Seems like you just cannot make the PC haters like MS for any reason. They get this set up for a cloud and they get bashed. They make a better pad then MAC can offer at a cheaper price and they get bashed. Their pads are not going to be proprietary as the MAC ones are with highly overpriced programs, yet MS gets bashed for this. If I was MS I would tell all the haters to get bent and if they like MAC so much then get gone and dont look back. This intentional bashing of a company (unless it is true and not your fantasy) has got to stop.

  • http://twitter.com/warex3d warex3D

    Surfaces for the entire family!

  • http://FireYourBossProject.com/ Sandor Benko

    Yes I would buy one for $199 but I doubt M$ will price it at that point. Just can’t see it happening with their attitude.. Microsoft hardware has never been cheap.

  • Dennis

    i would love it

  • http://twitter.com/Out_Lived OutLived Classifieds

    not really – after comparing Lumina with iPhone, I will not making this mistake twice :/