Does Game Booster 3 Work?

Nothing is more frustrating to a gamer than hitting a sudden and severe patch of lag while attempting to gun down your foes, rescue the princess, or do just about anything in a game. Low frame rates, unresponsive controls, and muddy gameplay can ruin a player’s experience.

If you take part in ladder matches and online tournaments, having your PC perform poorly is never an option. You need the smoothest gameplay possible from the time you boot up your machine to the moment you log out at the end of the game.

Some players, with significantly large budgets, opt to fit their systems out with the latest and greatest hardware, running up a massive electric bill and running a system that sounds more like a jet engine than a desktop PC. Believe it or not, there are some ways to increase the performance of your PC without spending a small fortune to do so.

Unfortunately, many of these methods require manual tweaking before and after the game has started. Killing off unnecessary processes,

Enter Game Booster 3, the free performance-optimizing program from IObit. This solution was recommended by Brendon Lees, a member of the Gnomies community. I decided to give it a try for myself.

What Does it Do?

Windows is known for running a vast array of different services and processes in the background while you’re doing your day-to-day activities. These processes can be largely cumbersome, especially on older hardware. Your experience during gameplay may include occasional patchy lag that dips your frame rate down to a point where it becomes difficult to play. This may happen for a few seconds or even result in the game crashing if it is particularly intense.

Game Booster 3 steps in and temporarily kills these excessive processes when you launch a game, and restores them after it has finished. In a sense, it does all the legwork for you.

In addition, Game Booster 3 helps you keep your drivers updated, defragments important game files, and gives you a virtual gaming environment that wipes everything but the game you’re currently playing from the desktop. This helps you focus on what you’re doing.

You can also customize which programs and services are and aren’t impacted by gaming mode. TeamSpeak, Fraps, and other complementary programs are detected by the program and put on a safe list.

Does it Work?

During the shift from standard to gaming mode on my Core i5 Windows 7 machine with 8 GB of RAM and a GeForce GTX550 Ti video processor, Game Booster 3 managed to increase performance by what it claimed was 42%. Each time I ran it, the percentage changed by a few degrees up or down.

When it came to real-world gaming, the results were slightly different.

In Ultra settings at 1080p, Skyrim usually swayed between 15 and 40 frames per second, a less than optimal range. With Game Booster 3 on, that rate stayed between 20 and 40, a much more acceptable range that allows for more fluid motion. Still, this performance was a far cry from perfect.

Without having to invest in any hardware improvements, a 25% increase in frames is hard to overlook. Manual tweaking would have, in my opinion, achieved similar if not better results, though the time it takes to switch things off and back on one-by-one can be incredibly time consuming.

Where it really shined for me was during the driver updates. Windows has a built-in update center, though the drivers provided there aren’t always the correct ones for a gaming rig. Game Booster 3 does a pretty good job of keeping up with the latest bits and pieces and finding them for your particular system.

The defragmentation feature does what it is supposed to do, though I didn’t notice any particularly obvious improvements after running it on a few games. This could be do to regular defragmentation that is performed on a regular basis anyway, though it is a handy feature.

Final Thoughts

In a world where you get what you pay for, it was refreshing to see a free download actually work. Optimizers are a tough sell, especially when so many of them are spammy and otherwise useless. This one, I liked.

What about you? Have you tried Game Booster 3? What was your experience like?

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  1. Chuck Cortes says:

    Been using it for some time now and considering my rig is not that powerful it does make a bit of a difference, enough to make it a better experience. But I wouldn’t say it makes my PC go from feeling like a Celeron processor to a Core i7. Still, it may be worth messing with.

    BTW, the latest versions are also designed to ignore anti-virus programs so that you don’t have to worry about being without protection while gaming. Previous versions shut down the anti-virus as well which obviously was not a good thing.

  2. Todd Nystrom says:

    I do have 2 1 GB ATI Radeon Video cards Crossfired and downloaded this today.  Noticed SWTOR sucks up resources and lags sometimes.  Will let you know how this works.

  3. Lee says:

    You could basically do this same thing with a simple script. Plus, anyone who’s probably reading this post can either write one from scratch or find one online (or find the knowledge to make one).

  4. Taylor says:

    I used ver2, and loved it. will give Ver3 a shot!

  5. You’d be surprised. Not everybody is king of the universe like you. 😉

  6. I think it is working, but sometimes it fails. When that happens, it is more laggy then before the program. 

  7. I went from ~20-30 fps to ~30-70 fps in Minecraft.

  8. Anonymous says:

    GameBooster cause system stability issues. I recommend that you shut down internet ..especially Google Chrome running in background and any heavy software. Best solution is to go buy some extra rams….Game Booster and rams are same prices..

  9. Anonymous says:

    s.sss….ss ar cas…..m

  10. Christianjupson says:

    I have used this software myself on my old Windows machine and it worked great. I do now run a iMac so I don’t need it anymore. 

  11. Chuck Cortes says:

    I have to agree, I am really good with PCs (I am the local IT geek) but when it comes to software coding and scripts I am about as knowledgeable at them as I am being an astronaut. 

  12. Chuck Cortes says:

    I have to agree, I am really good with PCs (I am the local IT geek) but when it comes to software coding and scripts I am about as knowledgeable at them as I am being an astronaut. 

  13. Hussein says:

    Not a gamer but looking to test this out for Trading (as in DayTrading) software…have other programs up while trading like Skype, OmNovia (for live trade discussions, etc) in addition to Charting and related messaging…

    Thanks Chris and Matt!

  14. pixels says:

    I use Second Life (SL) for creating content for machinima — and use Fraps for recording and the frame rate can vary which creates jerky movements so wondering if GB3 will help stabilize this.  Also, when creating content in SL, I will also toggle between SL and use Gimp or PSD or other software for creating textures.  Additionally, will sometimes need to look at something via Firefox and/or use Skype.  Can you run these graphics programs with GB3?  Fraps I saw is exempted as is security software but wondering about other programs you may want to be using and if running other programs makes using GB3 moot or will you still see improved performance?  I have an Acer lapdog running Vista with Intel Centrino 2 P8600 @ 2.40 Ghz with an Nvida GeForce 9600M GT and 4G RAM.   And is GB3 something you turn on and off — just for when you are using game platform programs or does it automatically run if it detects you are using gaming programs or is it always on?

  15. marco says:

    Yes! GB3 does work! All my games are now playing smoothly. GTA IV, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Warcraft III, NFS The Run, NBA 2k12 and FIFA 12.

    Just one thought.. GTA IV crashes at middle..

  16. williamc8070 says:

    I’ve had trouble on both of my laptops running UT (XP and Win7), they were playing in slow motion throughout the entire game making it virtually unplayable, this program fixed it instantly and the the game runs perfectly :)

  17. wow dude thx for fake comment…GB seems useless to me….i mean wat difference can be frim just increasing fps by 1-2…!!

  18. this is just a useless software…which just stops background processes…! thats it!
    wanna fix lag…upgrade ur hardware not software…!

  19. ALI says:

    col garenteed to wrk i got from 28 avg-fps to 36 avg-fps (AVERAGE)= AVG

  20. annoyed guy says:

    i think you still dont understand the reason why they made the game booster. Apparently, whenever you on your laptop/pc it will have atleast 20++ background software opened at the same time (thus the usage of the rams/internet applies) and the game booster helped to switch it off (close for the meantime) while you play high powered game (Battlefield, MW3 example) and it does reduce lag and also delays (not much because it sometimes work, and sometimes doesn’t especially those that using net to connect multiplayer). If you still think upgrade hardware is the best solution, yes it does help. But what if people bought a 2 ram laptop/pc (which the slots are full and cannot support the new version of rams) and need to reduce the lag and also delays of thier game. Wont they will be wasting $$ to buy a new hardware for that?

  21. Cambo says:

    42% increase in gaming performance

  22. obvious says:

    there’s also this built in thing called task manager that does the same shit…

  23. pootismanne says:

    i tried gameboosters and they slowed down my games instead of ”boosting” them