Copy A Design Theme In PowerPoint 2007

If you need to create a presentation that has the same color scheme and formatting of an existing one, the easiest way thing to do is copy the design theme from the existing presentation. As you can probably see, you’ll save yourself a lot of time — which means you’ll have more time to dedicate towards the presentation content.

So locate that existing presentation and follow the steps described below to copy the design theme to your new presentation.

  1. Open the presentation containing the design theme that you want to copy.
  2. Open your new presentation (this may be a presentation in progress or a brand new one).
  3. With two presentations now open, you need to view them side by side. From the View tab, click the Arrange All button.
  4. Copy A Design Theme In PowerPoint 2007

  5. To copy the color scheme, click the existing presentation. Then, click the thumbnail of the slide containing the color scheme that you want to copy.
  6. Click the Home tab.
  7. Double click the Format Painter button within the Clipboard group.
  8. Click the new presentation (either the title bar or anywhere within the presentation window).
  9. Click the thumbnail of each slide to which you want to apply the color scheme.

Copy A Design Theme In PowerPoint 2007

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