Install Microsoft Security Essentials

For those people who do not have third party anti-virus and anti-malware protection, there is free software available from Microsoft called Microsoft Security Essentials. The application offers fairly decent protection from viruses and malware. One of the nice things about Microsoft Security Essentials, aside from the fact that it is free, is that it integrates seamlessly with Windows.

You can download the application from Microsoft’s Web site.

Installing the application is straightforward:

  1. From the Microsoft Security Essentials Web site, click Download Now.
  2. Click the Run button from the file download box.
  3. Once the download is complete, the Welcome to Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 Installation Wizard appears. Click Next.
  4. Click I accept to accept the licensing agreement.
  5. Click Validate.
  6. Once you copy of Windows is validated, click Install to begin the installation of the application.
  7. Click Finish.

Microsoft Security essentials will now be installed on your computer. The application should immediately update itself with the most recent anti-virus definitions.

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  1. Buffet says:

    No one in their right mind would entrust their machine to microsoft’s rubbish.

  2. James says:

    There’s much better free software out there.

  3. Ryan Croussore says:

    It works.

    Its free, easy to install and use. Ddoesnt pop up on the user every five seconds for an update or ask you every little thing like some other freebies I’ve seen. Save you self alot of headache, and voice mails and install microsoft security essentials vs free AVG or something for someone that needs anti-virus but doesnt want to shell out the cash for a quility program like ESET’s NOD 32. I’ve been installing MSE on machinces since its realease and I like how it stays out of the users way, do I think its the best? No. Is it a very nice and easy option when you need to throw something on a pc and call it done, YES.