Compare Worksheets Side By Side In Excel 2007

Excel 2007 lets you view two worksheets side by side, as opposed to flipping between them. This is especially helpful when you need to compare two worksheets because you view them both on your desktop at once.

To compare two worksheets side by side in Excel 2007:

  1. On the View tab, within the Window group, click New Window.
  2. On the View tab, within the Windows group, click View Side by Side.
  3. In the Compare Side by Side dialog box, click the worksheets that you want to compare.
  4. To scroll both worksheets at the same time, click Synchronous Scrolling in the Window group on the View tab.
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    • Chris Pirillo

      Actually, an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard is still infinitely lighter than the average notebook (or even netbook) computer.

      • Anonymous

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