After years and even decades of ignoring their weight and health, many people are finally starting to pay attention to what they need to do to be healthy. It isn’t always easy, but being fit is becoming more popular and people are willing to try whatever they can to get in shape, which is good news. If you’ve been bitten by the fitness bug, it’s important to set expectations and track your progress, and an online tool called Shrinking will help you to visually see the progress that you’re making.

By setting milestones and tracking your daily weight, Shrinking will provide you with simple graphs to help you truly understand where you’re headed. The site also interacts with some social networks to enable you to share your progress with your friends and followers. The basic features are free, but if you’re willing to spend a few bucks per month, you’ll get access to an online notebook to record your thoughts and a BMI analyzer. Now that you know how to track your progress, all you have to do is figure out how you’re going to lose the weight, which just so happens to be the hardest part of the process to stick to.

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  • Anonymous

    I thought Engadget or Tomshardware did a major testing and there were only like a half dozen specific thumb drives that actually worked and sped things up? So you were forced to buy one of those drives if you wanted Readyboost to function correctly as Microsoft intended. All I remember now is that it required specific read and write times which were only produced by the half drives. All other drives were too slow.

  • Nino Brunori

    Windows 8 is basing their success of copy and paste on their ribbon.
    I loath the Ribbon and tend to use drag and drop.
    There have been times when sorting through thousands of files or even just 5 when using Windows 7 I highlight what I want and pick it up with the mouse just for Win 7 to drop it before I release the mouse button.
    Every laptop I used with Win 7 the cursor would jump when trying to either drag and drop or type. I ended up disabling the track pad to fix the issue but who knows where the problem lays.
    If anything this would be the improvement I am looking for is just to fix the drag and drop feature.

    Something annoying inherent too ALL windows is when I use drag and drop is that left justify crap when everything has to move.

    Here’s an annoyance you can fix Microboys, Using MSConfig as an example. Update your lowlevel windows so they can expand in order to see everything. They use crap from 10 years ago still.

  • Anonymous

    i have this Compaq 511, which has a 2Gb RAM, and its really hard to find the difference.
    UNTIL my ram went 97% because of Google chrome. with 97% ram usage the machine usually slows down (like you experience a few freeze when doing some task) but with Readyboost, that problem almost doesn’t Happen.

    and since my HDD is just beneath my palm (due to the hardware architecture of my laptop) I can feel that its more Hot without Readyboost than when there is; this happens especially when playing graphics-intensive games.

  • RétroX

    It’s really just them taking it all to their advantage. They spread out the features so that people can be hyped for each new windows version. If they just made everything better now, then they’d have nothing to sell for later versions.

    It’s annoying.

  • Keith Connolly

    Ya, you’re probably right. At least windows 7 fixed all the crap with vista. Maybe windows 8 will have more than just held back features and bug fixes. I’d like to see some real innovation by M$ I know they can do it. They have the people, they have the talent.