Undo A System Restore Operation In Windows 7

System Restore lets you easily restore your computer to a previous state. What happens if you complete the restore process but your computer is still not running properly? It is possible that you unintentionally restored Windows 7 using the wrong restore point. In such cases, you can undo a system restore operation and select a different restore point.

To undo a system restore operation in Windows 7:

  1. Click Start and type System Restore in the search box. From the list of results, click System Restore.
  2. Click Undo my last restoration and click Next.
  3. Review your choices and click Finish.
  4. Your computer will restart once the process is complete. Log on to the computer.
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  • leftystrat

    I find Restore worthless in XP. Have they made any improvements in 7?

  • jignacio

    I keep collecting your tips about W7.
    I´m quite satisfied with XP as my trusted workhorse , thanks, in great part to a collection of tips you gave during a two year span. But in this IT world change is inevitable, so better to be prepared for it. Thank you