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  • http://NoneYet!! Sade

    You talk about this GPS thing I suppose that’s all well and good for you but I would think that the Geeks fo PC Computing were a lot smarter than what I have just read at your site on this issue. For one you have no Idea why this instrument has been introduced to the US Americans and what it’s real purpose is being used for by, well you read betweem the lines here, it’s a tracking system and it may be good for business and all but for the real intent you need to really find out why this system is so widly used and promoted , it’s a tracker and it tracks people from satalites in space being used to, well again read between the lines, as for me I know exactially why it was introduced and you should also find out as well before you say how great this product is and all the other mumbo jumbo stuff you say to your internet audance, Please if you really are the true Geek’s you say you are then stop giving this thing so much hype. I’m done here, I just pray you Geeks wake up before the hood goes over your heads any further!!!!

  • Jim

    You might want to check something before you put it online. This magazine isn’t even available.

  • Robert Glen Fogarty

    It was at time of posting, Jim. Sorry if you missed out!