Comedy Central Creates Interactive Social Network Parody

Web filmmakers Benny and Rafi Fine dropped me a line recently about their new Comedy Central project. It looks pretty interesting so far:

We just released a new web series with Comedy Central’s that is an innovative and outside the box use of new media, web video, social networks and interaction with users all rolled into one in the social network parody series entitled, “My Profile Story”. The show asks the question, “What if when you logged out of your social network profile your entire page came to life?!”

The extra amazing piece to the series is that the interactive website we built for it, is an exact replica of the website from the show, complete with being able to become the characters friends, leave them comments, email them, read their blogs etc. It is web interactivity to a new dimension, and we hope this series sparks an entire new wave of web content, where the viewer can shatter the fourth wall of scripted content and become a part of the story themselves.

“My Profile Story” – Pilot


We have a lot in store for future episodes for even more interactive elements including Facebook Apps, contests for fans to be put into the show, ad integration, and more. Specifically with ad integration, this could be a truly innovative way to have product placement in a show since it is a show about a website, and website’s have ads all over them, so we’ll be able to take it one step further and have the ads come to life and interact with the characters.

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