3 Free Good Games

Gnomie BigBadVista from our chat room writes:


I’m not sure if there are many avid gamers that watch your show and hang out in the chat, but if there are I have found three games that are free and similar to games such as Halo or Quake that they may enjoy.

  • Phosphor is a Web-based game that is currently in beta and runs on Shockwave. Not the best graphics for a 3D game, but for a Shockwave game it’s pretty good.
  • I’ve played Alien Arena 2008 on both Ubuntu Hardy and Windows XP SP 2 and they both run very well, although it’s a bit smoother on Windows. It includes a good array of weapons and, depending on which game mode you’re using, vehicles.
  • Open Arena is similar to Alien Arena but has more of a Quake 3 feel to it. It allows you to use many different weapons including a gauntlet with a spinning, circular blade. It runs extremely well on Linux and Windows.
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