A friend of mine recently traveled to Europe for a few weeks and was able to visit a number of the top spots that tourists think of in connection with Europe. When he had time to do so, he sent out updates to his friends and family via e-mail, and it was enjoyable to read his experiences and see a few of the pictures that he had taken along the way. Using e-mail to communicate in this way is one option, but there are also special services that have been built to help people record the details of their trips for others to see. For example, Mapness! helps you to build your online travel journal.

Using a combination of text, pictures, videos, and a map, you’ll be able to give others a taste of what you’ve experienced on your trips. Each stop is represented by a point on the map, and you can follow these points and click on them to see any content that is associated with that particular location. I like how easy the service is to navigate, and your contacts will enjoy following you on your journeys.

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  • Michal Popielnicki

    Thanks for this very kind words!

    We’ll soon make the whole journey creation process even easier by introducing multi image upload and KML files support.

    Words like that are great very motivating to us!

    Best regards from entire Mapness team.


  • Rusty

    Dear Writer,
    One NACIS session a few years ago (I think it was in Portland, Maine) talked about “mapness”, where they did a study asking what the mapness (rated 1 to 10 or something like that) was of various maps/illustartions from children’s books.

    I’m not sure I would agree that wayfinding is the core goal of any map, although that may have to do with how broadly you (or how narrowly I) define wayfinding, but it is certainly one of the uses of many maps. At any rate I would say that maps such as you described are maps (and after I wrote my previous post those were the kinds of maps that came to mind for your second kind of direction-taker). They certainly can facilitate wayfinding. (I wonder, do they require more artistic input than the typical planimetric maps we encounter more in the digital world, and if so, is that why some might discount their mapness?)
    Just a piece of information i thought You would find interesting . I definitely love the idea of MAPNESS but i believe that geoTRACKING has to be better