B&H Photo Video Rocks

I recently wrote in the blog about a problem I had with an online photo and electronics supplier, how I chose to go with B&H Photo Video, and how — based on their service — I would be dealing only with them in the future.

Here’s a good example of why. On the 11th of March I ordered $545.00 worth of accessories from B&H. As an afterthought, I added to the end of the order a $1.95 lens cover leash (a device with a string, a fastener and a sticky tab that allows you to take the cover off and just let it drop, attached to the camera; amazingly handy little item). The stickum on the one I’ve got is getting a little weak, so I figured to get a spare.

B&H doesn’t stock the item at their main warehouse. As a result, it couldn’t be included with the main 2-day UPS shipment. They packed and shipped a $1.95 item by 2-day UPS, from the other location, so that it would get here with the rest of the order.

That’s why I like B&H.

  • demian

    All I can say is:
    They rock.

    If you’re ever in NYC you gotta visit their store.

    I’d love to see more of their stores around (the States).

  • Bill

    Thanks for commenting.

    I certainly intend to, on the odd chance that I might once again get to New York City for some reason outside my control. 😉