Opening The System Properties Window In XP

The System Properties window is used to configure options such as your computer name, automatic update settings, start up and recovery options and so on. The most common way of opening the System Properties dialog box is to right click the My Computer icon on your desktop and click Properties. Alternatively, you can go into the Control Panel and double click the System applet.

Along with the two methods described above, there is another way of opening the System Properties window. It is likely the most convenient method because it only requires a few keystrokes. To quickly open the System Properties window, simply hold down the Windows key and the Pause/Break key at the same time. Your System Properties window will appear within a second or two.

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  • Doug Bayliss

    I’ve seem compuetrs where someone had changed the icon in the System Properties window to their own logo. Do you know where this file is?

    Thanks, it would fun to fun to “brand” the computers we roll out with our own tech support icon.


  • Steve Palmberg

    Thanks for the Flag+Pause/Break tip to get the System Properties window, works in Vista too.