Although audio and video are beginning to have more of a presence on the Web, text still seems to be the supreme ruler of content on the Internet. It’s definitely quicker and easier to consume and search through, but even though that may be the case, audio and video can make a particular message more personal than any string of text can. By hearing a person talk about something that they’re showing you, you’ll instantly get a better idea of the subject at hand. GoldMail has been built to enable all of us to talk about our content.

Using your images, documents, and even straight text, you’ll create slides that will be used when you record your voice-over. While recording your voice, you control when GoldMail switches between the slides. If you like what you see in the preview, then you’re good to go, but of course, you can go back and tweak your presentation to perfection if you see the need to do so. Once finalized, you can e-mail your message, link to it, or embed it. A Pro account gives you more features including full tracking and reporting, but it’s important to be aware that while these messages can be played on Macs, they cannot be created on them at this time. This may be Windows Fanatics, but I’m sure many of you who also use OS X would like to know this, so that’s why I’m filling you in before you visit the site.

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  • tom lumsden

    Don’t know if it is because of the popularity of Lockergnome or what, but the servers at the Gold Mail site are incapable at the moment of processing any mail!

  • Gary Searby

    I’m not sure what Tom Lumsden problem is, because GoldMail processes my messages without any issues. It is a fantastic tool that can be used in a variety of ways. How the big companies missed delivering this technology is beyond me. No doubt…in a short period of time GoldMail will be a commonly used communication tool throughout the world.

  • Tom Holownia

    Tom L. – They’re working. Perhaps you just hit some high traffic. Apologies if you did.