ESET Offers 90-Day Free Trial Of ESET Security Suite

The security suite that I covered the other day is now available for free trial, with no obligation. As far as I know, anyone can sign up. As you can see from the article and comments, I think quite highly of ESS (for whatever that’s worth). It doesn’t get any cheaper than this. If nothing else, you get three months of good protection for free.


  • Tom

    ESET not any better than the rest of the security crop. I downloaded the 90 free trial of ESET Smart Security. After about 2 -3 weeks, it said my userid/password wasn’t valid. I sent a note to eset customer support. Then I received a note from them that said ESET-Slovakia had deleted userids and passwords and provided a new userid/password to continue the 90 day test. ESET Smart Security said that userid/password was invalid. I replied to the note giving me the new userid/password ([email protected]), the message was returned saying that was an undeliverable address. I sent another email 4 days ago to their customer service address (via their website), no reply. So, it’s back to Zone Alarm for me.

  • Bill Webb

    None of which has anything to do with the efficacy or worth of the program, and a good deal more to do with the commentator’s level of patience. Also, this is the only similar complaint out of the thousands of people who read Windows Fanatics. That, in itself, should tell us something.

  • Greg Hewitt-Long

    The 90 day trial was discontinued after it’s abuse I am afraid. It seems that many people were sharing usernames/password and Eset Slovakia was turning them off sometimes as quickly as we could re-issue them. The 90 day Eset Smart Security Trial was supposed to be for Business users only – any business license user can use our online quote request form and I can arrange an extended trial, but for now, the only trial available to end-users is the regular 30 day trials.

    Sorry for the issues with the licenses to those that were inconvenienced. Don’t let a little issue stop you from evaluating the software though. Anyone who wants help or advice on the trial is more than welcome to contact us through our support channels or phone during business hours (9-4 PM Mountain Time).

  • Mark McHenry


    I have downloaded and trying the 90 day trial version of your software. I like it very much and think I will purchase it when my trial period ends. I have two questions:

    > When I want to purchase, I prefer not to pay via credit card online, so wnat to know how I could pay via Postal Money Order or Cashier’s Check, or if that is possible?

    > Do you receive a disk with the program on it when you purchase the security program, or can you just buy your program from someone like Stapes or BestBuy?

    Thank you

  • Bill

    Hi Mark,

    You seem to have me confused with someone from ESET. I have nothing to do with the company, apart from using their software. You could try Greg at, or go to the ESET website and use the “contact” link.


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