Senduit — Quick One-Time File Sharing

I just ran across a handy service called senduit, conceived and operated by David Karp, the guy behind Tumblr (also a cool idea, sort of between Twitter and Blogger, if you haven’t seen it). Anyway, David’s into minimalism when it comes to Web services, and I love it. Here’s a screenshot of the senduit page:


As you can see — minimalist. What you do is go to the page, browse for your file (100 MB limit), set the expiration time (30 minutes to 1 week) and hit UPLOAD. The site generates a URL for your file, which you send to whomever. When the file expires, it goes away from David’s server. Nervous about security? Encrypt it.

That’s that. Simple, efficient, and just what I need for all sorts of things. I love it! senduit

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  • Richard Dent

    What a great free service!
    Here’s a similar type of free service I made earlier:-
    Maybe your email sending system’s broken, you want to send with a different From address, or you don’t want an email you send to appear on your company’s email system.

  • Steve R

    Seems like a great service.

    I’m looking for a way to set this up myself, using my own server, just for the use of my coworkers. Has anyone seen a web server script that could implement something like this on ones own server?

  • Pete

    I’ve used it.Works like a charm.
    Something else I like about it,is the fact that it doesn’t require you to add
    your contacts via the webpage,but instead opens your email client and you have full choice of your email address as well as your list of contacts.
    To me that offers more choice and keeps your contacts off the webserver.