View Page Margins In Word 2007

Page margins are the blank space around a document. Margins are used to define the printing area within a document. When you create a new document in Word, the margin settings configured in the template are automatically applied.

By default, the margins are not visible. However, you can have the margins in your document displayed as dotted lines surrounding your text. Click the Microsoft Office Button and click Word Options. Click Advanced. Under Show document content, click the Show text boundaries option. When you return to your document, the page margins will appear as dotted lines.

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  • Sgt Ret

    In Open Office 2.3 click on View and then choose Text Boundaries. Slightly simpler.

  • Sushil M. Shrestha

    Thank You Very Much for your Valuable tutorials.

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  • Bill

    It does NOT show the margins. It just outlines the exisitng text whether it ends far from a margin or over a margin (e.g in a text box).

  • ehdwardpher

    tnx a lot…..

  • Jen

    how do you view the margins with the measures? please help!!

  • Bob

    This does not answer the original question. The top and bottom margins are not shown as part of the text area. They are not included as part of the document in the print layout view.

  • Awais

    just click on right top corner under – (minus) sign and above scroll button. This works for me.

  • Awais

    Where it says view ruler.

  • pga

    MARGINS! They asked how to view MARGINS!