Keep Lines Of A Paragraph Together In Word 2007

Word automatically inserts a page break when you reach the end of a page so you can continue onto the next page. However, one problem that often arises is that lines of a paragraph, table rows and so on are split between two pages.

You can prevent Word 2007 from splitting up the lines of a paragraph between two pages using the steps listed below.

  1. Select the paragraph containing the lines that you want to keep together.
  2. On the Format menu, click Paragraph.
  3. Click the Line and Page Breaks tab.
  4. Select the Keep lines together option.

Now Word will prevent a page break from disrupting the lines in the selected paragraph.

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  • Anna

    This option is applicable only for text line, but not for table rows. If you need to prevent row break in table: select Table->Table properties, choose Row bookmark and in the section Options uncheck field Allow row to break across pages.

  • Santosh Navagekar

    I checked the every statement on basic fundamentals of word and excel but this time stepwise got the solution and happy.

  • Larry Bodine

    Word 2007 does not have a “Format” menu. This advice is not useful because Word has a new “ribbon” instead. There is nothing on the Page Layout choice on how to keep text together.

  • William Chau

    Hi Larry,

    On the ribbon go to the “Home” tab, then on the paragraph section click the little downwards facing arrow in the bottom left of that section. In the popup, select the line and page breaks tab.

    Hope this helps.

  • Bernard Barsalo

    I used to have “Keep Lines Together” “Keep with Next” on a shortcut toolbar. So, instead of the 5 clicks suggested above, its was short and sweet.

    I can’t find anymore that option in the Customize the Queck Access Toolbar! I see many other shortcuts such as Insert Break, Paste Special (finally there), etc.

    May be there is a new way of doing this? Commands are so numerous! Has anyonme found a way to simplify our lives?

  • LorRae Crubaugh

    William Chau, you are my hero! I have literally spent HOURS trying to get rid of a bad split in a table I created. It is 5:00 a.m. as I write this. I was up all night trying to get my table to directly follow some text, and then split at the end of the page. It was leaving only two rows after the text, then a HUGE gap to get to the next part of the table on the next page.

    I couldn’t find anything useful at all using the help key. And even the online instructions were not working or didn’t make sense because in order to get to the paragraph options everybody mentioned, I couldn’t have any portion of the table selected. So most of the instructions were useless. I simply could not find the format button.

    Your tip for how to get to the paragraph options in the ribbon on the newer software was a godsend! This is one case where newer does not appear to be better. Once I discovered the little downward arrow, all my troubles were gone.


  • Bryan

    Larry’s comment about the home tab and then the arrow to get to the expanded paragraph options is exactly right. Without this information this article is fundamentally flawed. Why hasn’t the article been updated with this key information? Does no one at lockergnome care that they are putting out bad information?

  • surf

    If you want to assign shortcut for this command, look for ParaKeepLinesTogether, ParaKeepWithNext