Vertically Align Text In A Table In Word

You can horizontally align text in a table using the Align Left, Center and Align Right buttons on the toolbar. However, these buttons do not allow you to vertically align text in a table. To accomplish this, you need to open the properties window for the table. You can change the vertical alignment to Top, Center or Bottom.

To vertically align table text in Word 2002:

  1. Select the appropriate table in your document.
  2. From the Table menu, click Table Properties.
  3. Click the Table tab.
  4. Under Vertical Alignment, click Top, Center or Bottom.
  5. Click OK.

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Article Written by

  • Sandra McAfee-Symons

    how do you perform the same function if the document template is protected and the alignment feature is grayed out? Can an override feature be added as a style to allow for certain fields to be adjusted?