Password Protect Your Documents In Word 2007

Word is a great application to use for putting together many different types of documents Imagine this though – you have just spent hours upon hours putting together the your document only to find out that another user has come along and made some undesirable changes to it.

Fortunately you can prevent this from happening in Word 2007 by password protecting your documents. If you use passwords, you have two different options. You can require a password to open the document and/or you can require a password to make any changes to it.

To configure a password, open your Word document and click Options from the Tools menu. Click the Security tab. You’ll see there are two options available: Password to open and Password to modify. To use either one, simply type a password into the field. Click OK to save your changes.

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  1. For simple situations like you mentioned above, Word’s password feature can be pretty useful. But it’s also important for folks to know that this isn’t high grade encryption – ie: it’s easily reversed and shouldn’t be used as the sole means of protecting critical information.

    I’m the founder of PassPack, so I spend a lot of time reading blogs posts and comments about passwords. You’d be surprised how many people claim to keep a list of all their passwords (banking, email, etc) in a password protected Word or Excel file. Which, of course, is very dangerous and they’d be much better off using a password manager.

    Here’s an introductory post on password managers:

    But even if you’re not dealing with passwords, if it’s extremely important to you that your document be protected, then you should probably look into file encryption tools.


  2. Brian W. Humbrecht says:

    Diana, I have Office XP [2002] & this procedure works the same for it; so, I assume it also works for Office 2003 as well. In addition I checked in EXCEL & POWER POINT & the identical process can be used for them as well. Sincerely, Brian W. Humbrecht [bwh]

  3. Clive Taylor says:

    Diane — the configure password instructions appear to be incorrect for Word 2007. One needs to click Review, then Protect Document in the ribbon menu to enter the appropriate area for the assignment of passwords for editing, etc. It also appears that users have more choices with in Word 2007 compared to previous versions as to the type of editing to protect. Thanks for your “how-to” articles; I have learned a great deal from them.

  4. Brian W. Humbrecht says:

    Diana, one other comment – FYI, when you ‘click’ the Security tab in MS Office file, ‘click’ the Advance button to right of field to enter ‘open’ password & you can select from several options/levels of encryption for the file that you are password protecting…BWH

  5. Joel says:

    Diana – Although this works in Word 2000 and 2003, this is not the process for Word 2007. Here’s a link which shows the correct procedure:

    I found it on google below your listing.

  6. Thanks

  7. cybersupam says:

    this is not for MSWord 2007…and this is already common for everyone..
    here is my simple explanation for the process…
    open the word document
    click in the left top corner Save,
    now in Save As box click in the bottom corner Tools
    under this select General Options
    now type the password as prompted for opening it and click Save…finally close the document..thats it

  8. Akshita says:

    Its hard for some to find the tool bar so, to put the password just follow some easy steps.
    Click on the Office button
    Select the prepare option
    Select the encrypt option
    It will ask u to type in the password you want and this is it, you can enjoy your privacy