Determine The Number Of Times A Word Is Used In A Document In Word 2007

Using the Word Count feature of Microsoft Word, you can easily find out exactly how many words are in your document. What if you want to find out how many times a specific word is used in a document? The Word Count feature does not have this functionality. One way you can count the number of occurrences of a single word is to start at the beginning of the document and work your way to the end, manually keeping track of each occurrence. An easier method is to use the Find and Replace option as described below.

  • On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Replace.
  • Click the Replace tab.
  • Type the word you want to count in the Find what field.
  • In the Replace with field type: ^&.
  • Click Replace All.

A dialog box will appear indicating how many replacements Word has made. This tells you how many times the specific word occurs in the document. By using the ‘^&’ characters, Word does not actually make any replacements.

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  • Dick Wilson

    I tried this tip in Word 97. OK, it works. But why have to remember the special ^& code? Surely the intuitive way of doing the count on a certain word is to replace it with itself! This works equally as well and gives you exactly the same count. Just copy the word you want to count to the clipboard, and insert it into both the word to search for slot, and the word to replace with slot, in the Replace window.

    I’m a senior and I don’t like having to remember new tricks if there’s a more intuitive way of doing the same thing! I’m getting like Marilyn Monroe who said she had to forget one thing from her brain before she could learn another. But keep up the good work – I still manage to learn something from your wide range of tips.