2.0 Lashings With A Wet Noodle

I’m sorry I lashed out at Steve Jobs – but I just can’t stand it when people ask me how they can upgrade their Internet to this 2.0 thing they keep hearing about…

There’s just something in me that goes off at the sound of someone claiming anything is “Web 2.0.” It’s downright indefinable, as I’ve stated clearly before. A Web site is a Web site is a Web site. A Web service is a Web service is a Web service. They grow. They change lives. But this is hardly something to stamp an number on. And now that we have a pseudo-versioning before, how long will it be before someone claims we’ve officially left Web 3.0 (as if that was a standard to begin with). It’s going… oh, wait. Microsoft to Invest in ‘Web 3.0′:

Seeing as it was late to the game with Web 2.0, Microsoft is making a preemptive effort to be ready the next time around. The company has pledged $500,000 in research grants toward what it calls “Intelligent Web 3.0,” in which the Web becomes more aware of where and how it’s being accessed in order to custom tailor information.

Microsoft (or anybody) can’t late to something that doesn’t exist. This is the Internet – it’s in a constant state of evolution (not intelligent design, as some might argue). I wound up with several threads in my inbox today regarding my admittedly knee-jerk reaction to Jobs’ announcement.

So, we can’t even agree on what “Web 2.0″ is, and already the term “3.0” is being used. I agree that the future of software is not necessarily on the desktop – but why not just call it that? Why do we have to slap a label on something? I’m fully willing to be the idiot who doesn’t understand that which nobody can agree on a definition for.

But where do you draw the line?

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  • t shub

    I agree that web 2.0 is a figment of the imaginations of sellers, but Internet2 is not. Internet2 is in use by hundreds of hospitals, government agencies, and universities around the country and is 100Gps. It has been around for about 10 years and promises to be the building block for the next internet. There are currently about 10 million users. It is used mainly for research and education now, but promises to be building the foundation for the next generation of internet. The easiest way to think of it is the Arpanet on steroids.

    Just wanted to clarify the difference in terminology.

  • http://www.geekbooks.com Daniel Gray

    If you want to point the finger of blame on someone for lead cheerleadering “this 2.0 thing” it’s not Steve Jobs. You know who to blame.

  • John Newton


    I’ve been playing/working with the “web” since about 1987. Yeah it’s been a while. Anyway, you’re pretty much on the mark with regards to the faux versioning system. In fact if people were trying to number things, they misses an earlier version – DHTML. What version would that have been?

  • Michael Harrington

    THANKS for clarifying what Web 2.0 means! I’m a novice at computers and I have wondered about this stuff for months. I even searched Google looking for a way to access the 2.0 Internet service, thinking it was something different than what we’ve been using for years. I kept thinking I didn’t have the right equipment or needed to install some new software or something. Thanks.

  • David Scott

    Amen, brother!