Password Protect Your Presentation In PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint is a great application to use for putting together wonderfully creative presentations. Imagine this though – you have just spent hours upon hours putting together the PowerPoint presentation of a lifetime only to find out that another user has come along and made some undesirable changes to it.

You can prevent this from happening by password protecting your presentations. If you use passwords, you have two different options. You can require a password to open the presentation or you can require a password to make any changes to the presentation.

To configure a password, open your PowerPoint presentation. Click the Microsoft Office Button and click Save As. Click Tools and then click General Options. You will see there are two options available: Password to open and Password to modify. To use either one, simply type a password into the field.

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  • John Smith


    I have read your article about how to protect PowerPoint 2007, but I think that it is not the best way, because, if I want to send the presentation to the customer (for example), it would be boring whenever the presentation starts, the request of the password to continue the presentaton, and if you have more than one presentations (such as using hyperlink), the presentation will request you the password when it is opened.
    The question is: Is there a way to protect the presentation againd any modification (only), but no popup or message arise or it is not necessary to use software to convert the presentation to flash or an executable file?