Determined To Cause Cancer In Laboratory Humans

I’ve lived without dependency on artificial sweeteners (and trans fats) for the greater part of seven years. Just ask Ponzi! Granted, I’m sure a few Frankenstein molecules have passed over my lips since I instituted the embargo – but certainly not intentionally. My vices are a bit more natural (and portion control is always under control). Why would anyone, anywhere, willingly and knowingly ingest something that nature doesn’t deem edible or process-able?! It doesn’t make any sense to me – it really doesn’t. We’re not talking about something that could cure cancer, mind you.

No, we’re talking about something that may cause cancer in the first place. There are thousands of separate resources for you to pore over, but do not continue to labor under the illusion that your physiology is THAT MUCH different than the rest of humanity’s. Bill Oertel Jr. sent this link to me earlier, and I’m quite inclined to pass it on in the hopes that it’ll save some of you from killing yourselves sweetly:

Jury’s still out on Splenda – and I will always err on the side of caution when it comes to faux food. It’s getting to the point where I’m pretty much forced to avoid most grocery stores (save Whole Paycheck and the like). But don’t believe me or this “conspiracy theory” video without further, independent investigation. Open your eyes to what’s happening, my friends…

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  • marc klink

    Is Whole Paycheck what it takes to get out of the store with anything?

  • Russ O’Connell

    Back in the ’50s there was great concern about what was put on cranberries that definitely caused cancer. This almost ruined the cranberry industry. To definitely cause cancer it was required to eat 50 bushels of cranberries in one sitting. Most of these scares are the result of people I call urban terrorists. You see the results of this type mindset in almost every newscast, it usually starts with ” we now have something new to worry about”…

  • Doug McFarlane

    But how could the FDA approve it then? It MUST be safe. You are all a bunch of conspiracy nuts, yada, yada. Sound familiar?

    Ok people, is this your argument? Even after researching the topic on your own. Go ahead, I’ll wait. “Google: aspartame research”. Still not convinced Aspartame is poison? But the FDA . . . no they couldn’t be corrupt! They have no gain approving Aspartame, or wait, do they? Kickbacks, no, not the FDA.

    But they have reports PROVING its safe. And those reports MUST be credible, Aspartame hired the researchers THEMSELVES, so its not like the reports are biased, they just wanted an honest opinion before releasing their product, for the good of mankind.

    And look, ALL the other reports from independent researchers say its poison. I guess they aren’t as credible then, heck, even Aspartame didn’t trust them for their researching.

    I can’t PROVE to you it’s poison, I’m not a scientist. I’m just saying, open your mind, and understand that other agencies may not have your best interest at heart. But don’t YOU? Again, research it, you’ll be surprised. I can lead you to the information, but I can’t make you read. Or is that a horse? Friend, make YOUR own, INFORMED decision. Peace.

  • Dennis Williams


    Check out these two links on Snopes for debunking the “conspiracy” about aspartame:


    One should always be leery of these breathless announcements of a conspiracy.

  • NOYB

    That’s it. I’m unsubscribing from this new letter.

    I didn’t sign up to read about your personal health issues or beliefs.
    I signed up to receive computer related tips and information.
    Although the site is yours and you can do whatever you want on it, I certainly don’t have to subscribe or be a party to to your personal views and opinions. Besides, what qualifies you to express what people should and shouldn’t do regarding their health – or is it now Doctor Pirillo???
    I wonder how many others out there are tired of your personal garbage on this site?

  • Dennis Rekuta

    Several hundred million diabetics around the world safely and gladly use artificial sweeteners every day.

    For someone as internet savy as you, I find it incredible that you would fall for one of the oldest hoaxes on the internet. Do you pass on e-mail chain letters willy nilly, or just delete them like the crap that they are?

    The Urban Legends Pages ( on the Aspartame Hoax (1998)

    The MS Society USA Refutes Aspartame Claim

    By the way, the MS Society in the USA alone had to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of volunteers’ time over the years countering this nonsense.

    Basically, a few quack health sites such as publish this drivel, and it gets repeated by every other conspiracy health site, and soon it counts as a few million separate entries in Google. The most infamous of these so called scientific papers by “Betty Markle”, who doesn’t even exist, was exposed as deliberate fraud, and shows the willingness of those putting out this nonsense to lie ad nauseum to further their cause.

    See for yourself:

    It is no coinincidence that most of the natural alternatives revolve around stevia, which is banned for sale in the European Union because it was ruled to be a carciginocen. It cannot be sold legally in the USA as a sweetener because it then would have to pass food safety tests, but can be sold as a supplement, which have no regulations. Being the scoff laws that they are, most supplement stores still sell it as a sweetener, because the FTC takes three years just to shut down something as obviously bogus as the Coral Calcium cancer cure scam, as promoted by infomercial hukster and convicted fraud artist Kevin Tudeau.

    By the way, most of the powdered stevia you buy is mostly just dirt cheap sugar with a little stevia, or even no stevia and some anise flavoring. Remember, supplements are completely unregulated in the USA. Independent lab tests indicate that there is no knowing whether supplements are what the label says they are, or whether some nasty surprises have been thrown in to increase the manufacturer’s profits:

    It is a good thing that you have one of the highest reputations in your profession, because you really blew it on this aspect of your personal opinion on something non-technical. I would expect something like that from a rank newbie.

    Still a proud Lockergnone reader.

  • Jack Mc Kenna

    Do you know how long this BS has been floating around the Internet. Because a friend sent it to you does not make it a fact.
    I am a 70 year old type 1 diabetic male, who has had this disease since 1960. Back then it was the cyclamates that were a danger. They were banned by the FDA because of faulty research. That consisted of feeding rats a daily dose of more than a 100X what a human would take in a day.
    I used the cyclamates sweetener. Today the same kind of faulty research is occurring on aspartame. If you check you own tags about the dangers og aspartame you see that sites are selling another product. As you are very involved with tne internet. I suggest you search for a reputable diagonis of ingesting aspartame causing death, cancer, alzheimers disease or any other ailment, rather than heresay. There are some people that claim an allergy to aspartame, and of they should not use. But we diabetics generly agree that it is safe.

  • Kevin

    Everyone else has said it all. You screwed up posting this. How about an apology for fostering others to continue to pass on unsubstantiated BS on the internet.