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  • Jimmie Richards

    In response to your question “Has anybody ever tried a mass conversion of classic media to any degree of success?”. I do a lot of vinyl conversions, however it can be very time consuming if you really want to clean up the sound and make it “pure”. I too contemplated an ION, however I went with a outstanding system from DAK ( The system includes a Professional grade turntable, mixer and software. The system is great, and the software even greater. I have converted records 75 years old to great CD’s.

    My process is this:

    1. Place some warm water and a gentle liquid dishwashing detergent in your sink.

    2. Take the record you want to record and let it soak in the sink about 3 minutes.

    3. Rinse, pat as dry as you can, and stand it on its edge until completely dry.

    4. Record each track using the turntable, mixer and recording software.

    5. Run each recorded track through the dehisser and depopper software, and using the other filters to normalize the sound, raise it’s amplitude, etc.

    6. Run it through the equalizer software.

    7. save the track as a .wav file

    8. burn it to your cd.

    I make folders on my hard drive, each one being named with the name of the artist I am converting, album name and number. I save each track into the individual folders. Once all the albums are recorded I then start the software process.

    It may sound like it takes up a lot of time, but actually it does not take much more time then the time it takes to record the track.

    I really recommend the DAK solution. There are step by step instructions both on the web site and comes with the system. With the instructions and equipment it all flows smoothly.