Cell Watch In Excel 2007

I am by no means an excel guru. It pretty much comes down to the fact that I know just enough to do what I need to do. Performing a new task, outside of my daily ones, usually requires a phone call to a friend, who is an Excel guru.

One of the things that I really dislike doing in Excel is scrolling up and down to check on the values of certain cells as they change. Seems simple enough but doing it over and over is enough to get me complaining. My Excel guru suggested I use the Watch Window.

By using the Watch Window, I can monitor different cells in a small window that is always visible. I can even monitor cells that are not on the screen or in a different workbook on my spreadsheet. This way I can immediately see the values as they change.

You can easily add a cell to the Watch Window using the steps listed below.

  1. Select the cells you want to watch.
  2. On the Formulas tab, in the Formula Auditing group, click Watch Window.
  3. Click Add Watch.
  4. Click Add.

You will see the Watch Window appear and it will remain on top as you work on your spreadsheet. You can reposition the window so it is out of the way by dragging and dropping the window to its new location. Now, thanks to my Excel guru, I no longer have to scroll up and down or flip between workbooks to see cell values as they change.

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