My Epson Printer Doesn't Really Need Magenta Ink!

Gnomie Giorgio writes:

Sorry if this is the wrong venue to contact you about this but I’m in a hurry and hope you’ll get it anyway. The printer I have is an Epson all-in-one CX5800F. I just spent yesterday running around San Francisco trying to buy ink for it only to find out the magenta for my printer model is sold out everywhere. I was shopping online for regular stock too, but of course, I NEEDED Magenta IMMEDIATELY!

Well, I found out that I didn’t need magenta ink, but that my printer’s ink control system is faulty. I don’t know if it is a sensor or exactly what/where the problem lies. The thing is that it tells you you’re out of magenta, and you need a new one, when you don’t. In fact, I’ve printed all I need and more without replacing the cartridge and it is still going strong.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that no one at any of the stores, or even Epson, knew about the problem. THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE PRINTER and this particular color cartridge. Epson has not admitted this but it sure is selling a lot of magenta!

Thanks for passing along the info, Giorgio! Anyone else out there having this problem? Leave a comment!

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  • Vince Andrews


    I read this in my daily lockergnome and thought that i would make a comment myself. I have nearly always used epsom printers on the pc and used to always replace my carts when the epsom software told me that they were empty. One day i decided to do some sugery on a cart and found that there was indeed a decent amount left in each of the various carts. Enough in fact that i could print quite a good amount of pages.

    What i would suggest to all epsom users is that when a cart is registering empty, keep a tab on the amount and quality of the printed pages that you manage to carry on printing. Doing this i have now managed to create a database of the amount and quality and by using it, can now know when i do really need to change the cart.

    Lets face it, every time that someone beleives the cartrige is empty and replaces it with a new one, it is another bit of money wasted and the disposed of cart is more rubbish to add to the environment. You will be suprised at how much money you will save yourself over a year if you use a large volume of cartridges as i do.

    Happy savings.

    Vince Andrews

  • Suzan Ragan

    In regards to the ink cartridge problem that you are having with your Epson cx5800f, the Epson company is involved in a class action law suit for just the problem you described. What they have done is to use a business method called “razor and bladees”, where they sell their printers very cheaply in order to get new customers who will eventually have to buy Epson ink cartridges at an astronomical cost. Also, as quoted by Wikipedia, “… the company is forcing customers to purchase replacement ink cartridges before they are truly spent by using ‘intelligence chips’ to count how many pages have been printed in order to estimate the remaining ink, without actually monitoring the true ink levels.” This is precisely what has happened not only to your model, but to about 75 other models, including my own C-86. There is a device, not recommended by Epson, called a “chip-setter”, which is very inexpensive(less than $10}, that enables you to fool the Epson printer driver into thinking a new cartridge has been installed and allows the user to continue printing with the ink that is remaining. This does work for many customers, however, it did not work in my case, because by the time I was able to use it, the ink cartridge had clogged. And then, we are getting into another complicated saga about what to do with your clogged non-functioning printer. An excellent website forum to go to regarding any Epson clogging problem is After reading this forum, you will really understand that you are not the only one struggling with not only a defective printer, but a deceptive company. And in this regard, a settlement has been reached with the class action law suit. You can read about it at the Epson Settlement site I hope this is helpful to you.

  • Dipro

    i also have a epson c90 printer which i got free with my laptop(now i know whey they r giving it for free) which shows there is no cartridge(magenta) but when i take out another cartridge eg. the black one it shows the black one missing but the magenta is present this time.anyone have any idea about my problem?