My Epson Printer Doesn't Really Need Magenta Ink!

Gnomie Giorgio writes:

Sorry if this is the wrong venue to contact you about this but I’m in a hurry and hope you’ll get it anyway. The printer I have is an Epson all-in-one CX5800F. I just spent yesterday running around San Francisco trying to buy ink for it only to find out the magenta for my printer model is sold out everywhere. I was shopping online for regular stock too, but of course, I NEEDED Magenta IMMEDIATELY!

Well, I found out that I didn’t need magenta ink, but that my printer’s ink control system is faulty. I don’t know if it is a sensor or exactly what/where the problem lies. The thing is that it tells you you’re out of magenta, and you need a new one, when you don’t. In fact, I’ve printed all I need and more without replacing the cartridge and it is still going strong.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that no one at any of the stores, or even Epson, knew about the problem. THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE PRINTER and this particular color cartridge. Epson has not admitted this but it sure is selling a lot of magenta!

Thanks for passing along the info, Giorgio! Anyone else out there having this problem? Leave a comment!

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