Combine Multiple PowerPoint Presentations Into One

PowerPoint allows you to merge multiple presentations into one. You can do this by inserting slides from one presentation into another. Begin by opening the presentation that has the most slides and switch to Normal view.

From the Insert menu, click the Slides from Files option. Click Browse to find the presentation with the slides you want to merge into the current one and click Open. In the bottom corner of the Slide Finder dialog box, click the Keep source formatting. This will preserve the current formatting of the slides.

Next you can choose the specific slides you want add to the current presentation and click Insert. Conversely, you can add all the slides by selecting Insert All. Click Close and the slides you selected will automatically be added to the open presentation.

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  • Mark Davis

    This technique is fine and dandy if you have a handful of slides that you need to merge. If you are using a Mac, you can merge multiple Powerpoint Presentations into one master file with PowerPoint Merger. Don’t think there is a Win version but this puppy saved me some valuable cut/paste time. I was able to bang through over 80 powerpoint presentations.