Add A Watermark In Word 2007

One way you can spice up a document is to add a watermark. Whether you want to identify your documents as confidential or add the company logo, a watermark is simply a very faint image that appears behind your text. For example, it may be either a graphic, like a logo or product image, or it could be text, like a statement or product name. You may have seen documents before that have the word confidential behind the text. Yes, this is a watermark!

Word 2007 makes it simple for you to add your own watermarks to a document from the Page Layout section of the Microsoft Word ribbon. You can add either graphics or text, which can be further customized with a number of parameters.

Add a Watermark in Word 2007

To add a custom text watermark:

  1. Open your document.
  2. One the Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Watermark.
  3. Click Custom Watermark.
  4. Click Text watermark.
  5. Select the text you want to use or type in your own.
  6. Select any other formatting options you want to use.
  7. Click OK.

You can switch to Print Layout view to see how the watermark will appear on a printed page.

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  • Clint

    Word 2007 – I can’t place a watermark on every page with different Sections and Headers/Footers. When I place a watermark in one section, the watermark erases in another. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Sheldon

    Clint: I have the same question. Have you made any progress?

  • Geoff

    You have to create sections, then unlink the header, since the watermark is stored in the header. While you are in header edit mode, insert the watermark and it will only appear in that section

  • Silver surfer

    How do I put a different watermark on each page of a word document using Vista? Laymans answers appreciated!

  • Wade Dorrell

    This video describes putting different watermarks on different pages. (It is in followup to what Geoff said, and hopefully will help Silver Surfer)

  • Teresa

    An easy way to insert a watermark, without messing up your headers is this:

    Insert water mark on any page (no need to add additional section breaks). Go into your header, like you are going to edit the header. Run your mouse over the watermark until you get a four way arrow. Right click and select copy. This copies the watermark to your clipboard.

    Exit the header you are in, go to a page that does not contain the watermark. Go into the header for that page, like you are going to edit it. Use either Ctrl V or paste from the toolbar. This will paste the watermark onto the page. Note: you must be in the header for this to work.

    Happy wordprocessing!

  • Adam B.

    Hey, Teresa, if you ever circle back this way — Huge Thanks!!

    I had about 43 documents to add watermarks to, and I was banging my head on the desk trying to get it to work.

    Your method helped me get it done in about 20 minutes.

    –Adam B.

  • Mike T

    Pasting instead of just adding a watermark is hardly intuitive, but it works. I’ve been trying for hours to get them to stick. Thanks, guys!

  • Trainer

    A much easier way in Word 2007 is to click Watermark icon and choose the Customize option and then click the Text dropdown to choose the Watermark phrase. That will apply it to every page regardless of section formatting.

  • John Langley

    Theresa!!! Oh, what a wonderful helpful comment you made. Thank you so much. MS Word 2007 is such a crazy program. Your help kept me from throwing my computer out the window.


  • Jean

    Trainer- this was the best method and took 2 seconds. thanks so much!!

  • Rosie

    Teresa, you are the greatest ever! Thank you so much!!!

  • Magenta


    Can anyone help me…!!!
    How to add current time and date?

  • VJ Ewing

    It Worked! and so simple too–Theresa, you are a genius

  • bharat patel

    Thanks Teresa

    V. Good solution for Diff. watermark for diff. pages

  • Honey

    Hi Diana Huggins,

    I have done with my tasks. Thanks for your assistance.
    You are great..

  • Viviana

    Lovely Teresa!!! thank you so much.

  • Scott L.

    I tried both Teresa’s and Trainer’s methods. If you’re applying the same watermark on all pages, Trainer’s method can’t be beat. Thanks so much to both of you!!

  • Michael Willingham

    Teresa’s solution works very well, and solves a difficult problem associated with placing a watermark on a cover page of a document.. True, Trainer’s works in most cases, but not so well when watermarks get confused (by Word, not by me) with pagination when the first page number is suppressed.

  • Eddie


    Even though your suggestion is kind of old now, thanks a lot. I was trying to solve this for the longest time.



  • vyshak

    SUPERB!! Thank You.

  • Barbara

    I was having issues with the automatic watermark in Word 07 not printing on the title page if I had set up the document with “different first page.” If I put it in the title page, it would not appear in the rest of the pages. (Yet another stupid, stupid thing about Word 07.) However, I found that if I use the “Custom Watermark” instead of the ready-made watermark, it prints on each and every page.

  • Bill


  • LiliRoze

    Theresa, It’s year 2010, and your idea is still the greatest. I cant believe how easy it was. I had the “keeps erasing my watermarks between sections” issue. Your copy / paste worked like a charm. I hope you know how many lives you have saved!

  • Dee

    OK guys. I’m doing something wrong here and it’s driving me C R A Z E E!!. I CANNOT get Theresa’s method to work for me. When I insert the watermark, it goes on every page, not just the page I insert on. So when I copy/paste, it puts double watermarks on each page. Hope someone comes back and sees this. Thx

  • Rocky

    Trainer’s response was the best and quickest. Scroll back to the entry on August 22nd, 2008 at 11:28am to see it.

    Thank you.

    There is no need to copy and paste header text to solve this problem.

  • CJ

    I’m with Dee. I have tried unlinking sections, copy/pasting, deleting, selecting “different on first page” type options. Either I get a watermark on all pages or none.

    I tried the Word Help option. I’ve tried following online tutorials. Word 2007 does NOT seem to want to cooperate. I am SO frustrated.

  • Psnreddy_ece

    Very helpful. Thank You!! How to do it powerpoint???