Scan Dog

You have most likely heard the expression “hang dog” as in being down and out, but I am faced with “scan dog” this morning.

I would venture to guess that it has been over one year since I have had to use my Epson Perfection 1650 scanner, or for that matter the need to scan anything at all. I just don’t scan very much.

Mark my words… if you upgrade to Windows Vista and you have an older scanner in perfectly good working order, the chances are very good it will not have Vista drivers available. The other sure thing is that once you switch to Vista as your primary OS you will suddenly have the overwhelming need to scan. I believe this is referred to as “Murphy’s Law.”

If scanning is your life, check on the availability of Vista drivers for your scanner prior to upgrading to Vista. Chances are very good that you will need to add the cost of a new scanner to your budget. Once you have decided to purchase a new scanner, go to the manufacturer’s Web site and make absolutely sure that they have Vista drivers for that particular scanner or you may end up with two non-functioning scanners.

I am not making any judgments here, but it looks to me as though scanners have been lost in the shuffle of driver updates. Printers that were purchased in the same time frame as the scanner have drivers and are working normally.

Bottom line, if you have not scanned in years and years, something will come up shortly after your Vista upgrade that will require a scan… count on it! Be forewarned and thereby forearmed. For now, I am going to hook the Epson scanner up to my laptop running Windows XP and see what “develops.”

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  • Chris Pirillo

    Did you see that I had to start using VMWare to get ‘er done?

  • Mac


    You might want to try VueScan, which you can download from: It’s free to try before you buy.

  • Ken Moore

    I’m not so sure this is as much a driver issue as a way to sell new hardware. When upgrading from Win98 to XP, my old Umax scanner stopped working — Win 98 drivers would not work. The website was clear: Software to make the scanner work was NEW software that had to be purchased, and the only way to purchase it was to buy the latest Umax scanner.

    I am getting really cynical about everything…

  • Joe Messman

    I feel your pain. I purchased several of the scanner you mentioned for the businesses I support a couple of years ago with the guarantee that Epson would have a Vista driver for them. Now they tell me they have not intention of providing a driver for Vista. I guess I won’t be upgrading them to Vista for a few years in that case.
    I see the same issue with modems and the like that are only a year old. At least they are inexpensive. (except for the my labor fee to install them)

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