iPod Access For Windows

There should be an image here!iPod Access for Windows is the premier application for transfering songs from your iPod to your Windows computer. Most iPod transfer utilities must fetch ID3 tag information by opening every music file. iPod Access is able to utilize the iPod internal database so that it can display your iPod’s contents almost instantly. This includes tag information from protected AAC files that have been purchased from the iTunes Music Store and all Playlist information.

With a simplified user interface including song filtering by Artist/Album or Composer/Album, you can find the songs you need to copy and even listen to them directly in the main window. When copying songs, iPod Access can organize them into Artist/Album folders or Composer/Album folders and change the file names if desired. iPod Access can even copy files to PC formatted drives if the “Remove Special Characters” option is checked in the settings.

iPod Access also provides one button, full sequential music backups. By pressing “Backup” in the toolbar you can speed up the process of regular backups. iPod Access will by default only copy new songs added to your iPod so you don’t have to remember what you have added.

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