Require CTRL + ALT + DEL For Logons In Vista

You can configure the local security policy so the Windows Security dialog box will be displayed, requiring all users to press CTRL + ALT + DEL to log on. Users will then be prompted to provide a valid username and password to access the computer.

You can configure this option in Windows Vista by using the following steps:

  1. Within the Control Panel, click System and Maintenance.
  2. Click Administrative Tools then the Local Security Policy.
  3. Within the console, expand Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Local Policies.
  4. Click Security Options. The various security options are displayed in the details pane.
  5. Scroll through the options and locate Interactive Logon: Do not require CTRL + ALT + DEL.
  6. Double click the security option.
  7. Select Disabled to require users to press CTRL + ALT + DEL.
  8. Click OK.

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  • Shack’s

    For those who have problems trying to get Windows Vista (Ultimate) to require the user to press Ctrl+Alt+Del use the following:

    I got the info from:

    The post was by Nothize… He’s v.good as it works fine…. cheers mate.
    Just to clarify:
    Run Reg Edit – locate “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” – “Software” – “Microsoft” – “Windows” – “CurrentVersion” – “Policies” – “System” – “dontdisplaylastusername” and change the value to “1”

    Hope this saves you trawling the net like i had to

  • Frank Yingst

    I have Vista Business on a Toshiba laptop. This particular security setting changes itself back to enable everytime I log off. So I get the ctrl alt del once but after that it’s gone. Is this some unique to Toshiba laptops? My computer at work, with same OS, does not have this problem.