Delete Cookies In IE 7

If you need to delete a cookie, one way of doing so is to navigate to the Temporary Internet Files folder on your hard drive and delete the file. An easier method though is to use the Delete Browsing History option within your Internet Explorer window. The nice thing about the Delete Browsing History window in IE 7 is that you can delete your entire browsing history, such as passwords and temporary Internet files, from a single location.

To delete cookies in Internet Explorer 7, use the following steps:

  1. Open your Web browser.
  2. From the Tools menu, click Delete Browsing History.
  3. Click the Delete Cookies button.
  4. Click OK.

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  • Kevin Penny

    Great, but what if I only want to delete cookies from a single domain – and not all of my cookies for all sites ever visited in IE 7?

    I don’t think it has the capability, but I know Firefox does.

  • Robert W. Brown

    I just read a comment that described in details how cookies cannot be deleted from IE 7. I am deleting IE 7 permanently. I will find that comment and keep it to send to others. I don’t like big brother tracking me on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter. I am going to pass this information on, to everyone I meet, and I will recommend the Firefox browser. The Firefox browser is virtually free of viruses,

    If anyone wants to write to me, I will provide them with the information they may want. My e-mail address is as follows: [email protected]

  • Heidi

    Thnx a lot. I was trying to only delete my cookies and b/c of you I found out how :d!!

  • Brian

    Go to Internet Options, Click on Settings under Browser History, Click on View Files. You can delete one by one there or view them.

  • Jason

    Are you guys nuts, of course you can delete cookies in IE 7 just go to Tools, General Tab, Browsing History section, click on Settings, view files and delete all you want.

  • Ron

    You are correct about how to delete only the cookies that you want to delete.
    But to make it easier, once you have navigated to your cookes
    in IE7, you can choose, View/Current View / Sort by and choose “Type”, now all of your cookies are listed together in the list, and it is much easier to sort through them.

  • Mike

    I have used the delete all; but, for some reason on my computer the files do not delete, so I delete them manually. Has anyone seen this happen and how to fix it?

  • Tom

    To Mike,

    The Internet options to delete all cookies doesn’t work. Period. You must delete them manually from your temporary internet files folder. If you only use the commands in IE, some remain.

    Moreover, there are often persistent URLs that will remain in either your drop down window or your internet browsing history even after you thought you deleted them all.

    Dump MSIE.

  • Adam

    The majority of the time on my computer, this does NOT work. IE is a horribly designed application, in my opinion, when clicking “delete cookies” does not delete cookies.

  • Rex the Strange

    What do I think? I think Robert W. Brown has been grossly misinformed. He might wish to read:

    for a discussion of how much of a threat cookies really are (not much, really – there is no big brother). Also, you can certainly delete cookies from IE7 – I do it all the time.

    He may also wish to get a definition of a “virus” – there are no viruses in IE, either.

    This sort of paranoid misinformation does no one any good.

  • Arsene

    I’m facing a big problem with IE7. There are pages wich are opening by themselves. What can i do? I’ve scanned my computer with norton, with spybot but no solution is found what ca i do?
    Please Help