Camera phones used to be the trendy new thing to have, and I remember wanting one so bad when some of the first models came out. The Nokia 3650 was one of my favorites, but I was never able to get one, which was probably for the best. Of course, these days, camera phones are everywhere, and the camera has become somewhat of a standard feature on most new phones regardless of the price. When I first got one, I used it to take pictures and video of everything, but now, I can’t even remember the last time that I used it. Regardless, there are still people who stay active with using their phones as cameras, and if you’re one of these people, then you might want to get involved with PixPulse.

The service encourages you to take pictures and video just like you always do, but instead of keeping this content on your phone or sending it to yourself, PixPulse opens the way for you to send media to a PixPulse channel that you create once you become a member of their free service. From there you can then embed some code on your blog to automatically display any new goodies that you may upload, plus you can send the media directly to the phones of your buddies so that they can stay informed about what you’re up to and what you’re seeing.

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