Install Virtual Server 2005 R2

Assuming that your computer meets all the hardware and software requirements for Virtual Server 2005 R2, you can proceed with the installation steps that are described below.

Completing these steps will install both the Virtual Server service and the Administration Web site.

  1. Insert the Virtual Server CD-ROM to launch the Setup Wizard. The wizard can also be started manually using setup.exe.
  2. Click through the wizard until you reach the Setup Type page.
  3. Select Complete. This installs Virtual Server using the default configuration. Click Next.
  4. On the Configure Components page, either accept the default Web site port of 1024 or type in a new port number. Click Next.
  5. Accept the default option to Configure the Administration Web site to always run as the authenticated user, or select Configure the Administration Web site to always run as the Local System account. Click Next.
  6. Click Enable Virtual Server exceptions in Windows Firewall if users will access the virtual server through Windows Firewall. Click Next.
  7. Click Install.
  8. Click Finish when the Setup Complete page appears.

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  • Robert Turnbull

    When I receive the Lockergnome newsletter, it is in a quite readable font – 12 point.
    But starting with the Diana Huggins material , it is all in 24 point font.
    I use Eudora. The problem started some weeks ago. I am sure that it is not related to any setting in my email client.
    Help, please

  • Matt


    I am using Internet Explorer 7 on XP Pro, i have Virtual Server 2005 installed, every time i open the administrator website, it asks for my username and password to connect to my computer. I give it my username that i am logged on with and password and hit enter, it then just keeps asking for my username and password, As though my username doesnt exist. I have used other usernames and it doesnt help. It never did this with Internet Explorer 6. How do i fix it?


  • Dev


    Im having the exact same problem as Matt. I installed and configured Virtual Server 2005 R2, and I could access the admin webpage with no problems before I upgraded to IE7. Now it prompts for a username and password, which I expect to be my local account, but it wont exept it.

  • Dev

    Hi again,

    Ive sorted out this problem, all it took was to add the URL of the admin page to the trusted intranet zone security settings of IE7, and bingo….all working fine…..

    hope it helps….Dev