Dogs Make Horrible Geeks

I was set to tell y’all about a Vista tip I uncovered yesterday… when I heard Ponzi shrieking from two floors below. Sounded as though she had hurt herself. I dropped the mouse and flew to the basement (in a manner of speaking, as I’m only human and cannot truly fly). I found her leaning over a small carpet stain situated directly in front of our entertainment center.

“Wicket [our dog] peed on the Xbox 360!”

She was just getting ready to watch a movie, when one of our puppies decided to relieve himself on the faceplate of a console we rarely use. I mean, was he really that jealous? For Christmas, Wicket had a Playstation 3 on his wish list (and we didn’t get one for him, as I think it’s greatly overpriced – and Sony doesn’t design controllers to accomodate dog paws). He’s never really done that before, that I know of – and he usually waits until we take him outside.

“I don’t know what got into him!”

Dogs will be dogs, but they make horrible geeks. Just when I was about to set him up with his own blog, he goes and does something this irresponsible. Pixie was dumbfounded as well; she likes playing Zuma when we’re not at home. I guess the moral of the story is: (a) don’t put your Xbox 360 near the floor; (b) don’t let your dog with a full bladder near an Xbox 360; and (c) remember what you said about Wicket when you first got him (“He’s full of p*** and vinegar”).

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  • Tim Hodkinson

    Cats are almost as bad. They jump up and walk over your keyboard while you’re writing email. Not only that, their hair get stuck to the monitor and it’s a pain to get off.