Thinking About "Upgrading" To Vista? You Have About Two Weeks To Change Your Mind…

I was going to write about this, but in researching the subject I ran across Chris Mellor’s article in Techworld, which does an excellent job with less work for me:

Vista crippled by content protection

PC users around the globe may find driver software is stopped from working by Vista if it detects unauthorised content access. Peter Guttman, a security engineering researcher at New Zealand’s university of Auckland, has written A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection. He reckons Vista is trying to achieve the impossible by protecting access to premium content. Users will find their PCs’ compromised by the persistent and continuous content access checks carried out by Vista.

Gutman thinks these checks and the associated increased in multimedia card hardware costs make Vista’s content protection specification ‘the longest suicide note in history

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  • Stephen

    Yeah that sounds about right. However, marketing and not computers has always been Bill big point. people will see the flashing lights and pretty pictures and go ooohh aaahhhh and buy it. Like lemmings most people follow what they are told to do. For proof watch the sales figures. In spite of this and many other problems and [soon to be] broken promises [just like winxp] Vista will sell well. Besides, there is no real competition when you look at the facts. Windows sells over 90% of the operating syatems used by the joe public.
    Add to the fact also that new hardware won’t work on winxp and you have forced upgrade built in.