Free Hide Folder v1.2

Do you have any secrets? I am sure you do not want to share them with me, so I will go down a different road. Instead of trying to pry any information out of you, I will just help you find a way to keep your secrets even better. Free Hide Folder is a neat tool that gives you a little more access and control over keeping documents on your PC hidden away.

Here are a few more details about the Free Hide Folder application:

Free Hide Folder enables you to hide personal folders from prying eyes or unauthorized access. Once hidden the folders are no longer visible from within Windows Explorer. You can select one or more folders and toggle their hide/show status from the password protected interface. An integrated backup options enables you to backup your folder settings (not the data) to a file.

As you can see, this freeware file does exactly what is sets out to do. It gives you a quick and easy access to hiding any folders you do not want the public to view. It is a little better than what Windows packs in by default, because you can edit things via the password protected interface as well.

Now I do not know if I would use this if I were working for the government and trying to cover up information about aliens living in New York City. It does however give the common man or woman on the street an easy way to keep prying eyes off important documents via your personal computer.

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  • steve

    Great article, cool program, but here is a brain teaser that kind of goes along with the article. (actually just a question that I am curious about)

    If I am really concerned with anonymity which is a safer alternative to surfing the internet then Windows, would a Live CD – like PUPPY OS or running a VM (virtual machine) with a LIVE CD be safer? If this question is too vague, lets say I was an alien wanting to colonize on planet Earth, but I didn’t not want Lex Luther or George B. to find out about it if they were to access my PC, are either of the two aforementioned applications safer when it comes to trying to retrieve info if I shut down the system after plotting my invasion?

    Happy New Year from Planet ORB!

  • nah

    Free Hide Folder looks pretty interesting, but I’d be very hesitant to use a util like that when there is no information about how it works on their website.