The Leopard Programming Challenge

My beginner’s programming language called Leopard has been distributed through WeatherBug Labs for almost two months now, and it’s been exciting to hear what teachers, students, parents, and both programming neophytes and experienced programmers have had to say about the language. Just check out what this one teacher and her class had to say about their experience with Leopard.

In order to emphasize the simplicity of creating an application that contains a couple of WeatherBug controls, I just wanted to feature this program that was submitted to me by a young student from the United Kingdom named Simon Brown. The program contains the current weather conditions at WeatherBug’s headquarters, and it does this by displaying the live camera image from the top of the building and telling us what the temperature is.

That may sound like fairly complicated stuff, but this is all of the code that was required to make the application functional:

?window title
?window size
?weatherbug camera
?weatherbug temperature

What did the end result look like? See for yourself.

To stay informed about what’s going on with Leopard, be sure to visit the official blog, and please feel free to submit your work to us. Other programmers already have, and as you can see from the example above, Leopard can make a programmer out of anyone. Now, let’s see what the Gnomies can come up with…

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  • Fred O’Rourke

    Hi, although it follows the vein that Lockergnome has gotten into a number of years ago, I have a question. Why would anyone one to write a program to customise their own spyware :-) … Does that make it better? Why no notice that it used to be spyware and is no longer doing what it has since it first came out, if that is the case. Just curious and sad, hope you are making a lot for pushing it. Making a living pushing spyware! Just can not get a handle on it. Have a Happy New Year. It is sad enough that Lockergnome pushes junky software now that pays for favorable reviews from Lockergnome. But that is life. Now they are in to pushing spyware. Your need of cash leaves me speachless.

    Fred O’Rourke