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I don’t have a lot of time right now, and there’s not much more I can add to the conversations already happening. Suffice it to say, I’m extremely saddened to hear the news of James Kim’s passing. I was one of the few who had the EXTREMELY distinct pleasure to work with James at TechTV – and his “Lab Rats” segments were some of the best we did. I could always trust his advice, as he always seemed to know more than anybody else (in a day before Gizmodo and Engadget).

What’s so ironic about this tragedy is that James, of all people, was the person most likely to have gadgets that could have saved him. I don’t mean that as a “shoulda, coulda, woulda” statement, mind you – just that I knew James was about as geeky as they came. If anything, I believe he’d want us to learn from his passing; Duncan posted a handful of fantastic tips, should you find yourself in a similar situation some day. Please read James and Kati’s Web site for all the latest official information, including where to send your donations.

I’ve been scouring my archives to find a photo of us doing something together on Call for Help, but I can’t find one – and if anybody else has one, I’d certainly appreciate it.

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  • Peter Standish

    Unlike you, I was not fortunate enough to have met James in person -Indonesia is a far away place… I do however have very fond memories of the days of TechTV when you all seemed to be having so much fun together and at the same time giving the”Geek” community a service no elsewhere available….

    James will be surely missed by all of his friends and my heart goes out to his wife, children and family

  • rovingcowboy

    i am very saddend by the loss of james kim i knew instently that it was james the lab rat when i seen his photo. the first thing i thought was.
    how did he ever get lost.? with gps and other geek toys?
    then i read the other day he used a map, and the map did not have the road marked as closed in winter. i then thought he used the computer map on the car navigator. i was glad his famly made it.
    i believe james was trying to make it down to the highway beside the river. but up in those mountians you some times have to go a couple miles to find a way down the side that is safe. i also heard he did have a cell phone that was transmitting a signal of some sort but it was too weak to pick up at a distance from him.

    I will always remember the fondness of which he felt when he showed his new photo’s of his daughter on the tv segments he was very proud of his kids.

    and i know he will be missed. maybe paul allen and the rest of the old techtv family can get a fund together to help jame’s family in the future.
    if any of you know where they live please don’t let his kids hate this time of year help make them and their mom forget the saddness.

  • biosylum

    Here in WA state, the news was ongoing, and I found myself saying prayers for this missing man, not really knowing why. When I realized why he seemed so familiar, I instantly thought about the scattered TechTV personalities. That was a great blend of people they had, and everytime I spot one of them in their current endeavours, I smile inwardly, like the keeper of a great secret. Leo Laporte’s personal blog offered linkage to a help site established for the family -http://jamesandkati.com/. James has not left – he was just a quality guy, deserving of a promotion from above – look in your heart, you will find him there.