Virtual Jack-O-Lantern

Virtual Jack-O-LanternAll too soon, horrible apparitions will arise from their assorted crypts and demand your notice. Pay them no mind – there are much more important matters to attend to than election day. Things like preparing for Halloween with ceremonial pumpkin lobotomies.

To get you in the mood for the night of sugar-collecting little monsters, we’re bringing you Virtual Jack-o-Lantern. In this online activity, you get to carve your very own pseudo pumpkin. There’s nothing to be afraid of; this is an easy Halloween project that everyone can do.

Carving gaping grins and triangle eyes is as easy as using your mouse. Even people who had a hard time using their mouse to get here can enjoy this virtual Halloween activity. Once your onslaught against the pumpkin is complete, you can send your flickering creation to your friends with a drippy lettered message.

Traditionalists might lament their missed mess of gourd guts, but no one is going to boo this activity. There are no sharp knives to bleed over, or gooey globs to scoop out. Virtual Jack-o-Lantern is a Halloween treat for the entire family.

The only person who didn’t like this activity was Dracula. Because it didn’t suck. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-heh heh… hmm. We thought it was funny. [Source: GameSpotter]

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