A Long Overdue Upgrade

I’ve been producing Lockergnome (with help from friends) since 1996. Today, however, we’re taking a gigantic leap forward with it. As you may have noticed from the hiccups last night, we’re officially under construction – which is difficult to do when you’re already running a site like ours. I believe the changes, however, are for the better:

  • Newsletters will again include all content (minus your comments)
  • We have full-text RSS feeds available (including for comments)
  • We can accept your trackbacks and comments in realtime
  • You can sign on to contribute to any channel, any time
  • There are truly related items appended to every post online

I’m currently on the road (in Palo Alto), but will be returning in a few short hours. When I’m back at the gnomestead, I’ll be helping squish a few bugs and cleaning up some formatting and template errors. Please bear with us through this transition time? And yes, it’s a slightly new design – much like the design found on my personal blog. Don’t get too comfortable with it, though (at least, the way it looks at the time of this entry). I’m actively seeking a CSS / XHTML Web developer to help give you a completely new, and very functional, interface. The entire content portion of Lockergnome is now running on WordPress!

If the above changes don’t sound very exciting to you, what about the prospect of actually making money based on my expertise – for free. Yes, we’re going to soon open up Lockergnome.com for you to blog about anything. Even if you already have a blog, understand that we can give you fantastically outstanding promotion for awesome content – not to mention excellent search engine placement. Technology or not, we are looking to help you make money from your knowledge. It will be free, easy, and you’ll own all your content. I’ve optimized our templates so that you can sign up for Google AdSense (free) and start generating revenue as soon as possible. We’re looking for beta testers, if you’re at all interested. Cool?

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  • http://jebers.com Jeber

    This makes me remember complaints I used to hear from a few people every time the newsletters or the forum were updated.

    “How come it has to change?” “Why can’t things remain the same?” “I liked the old style better.”

    I guess some people just don’t get it. The Internet, and the best content on it, is dynamic, always morphing into something more interactive, more interesting, more useful.

    Static is not beautiful; static is boring and doomed. Static attracts interest once, then no one ever revisits that site.

    Dynamic is exciting, up-to-date and relevant. I’m very glad to see Lockergnome is staying relevant by not being afraid to change.

    I fully intend to participate, and I hope many others will as well. Why anyone would pass on the opportunity to leverage the well-known Lockergnome moniker to their own advantage I can’t imagine. Let’s get jiggy with it.


    The new background color of your letters makes it difficult to read as I am color blind. The contrast between black and white is much better!
    A fanatic since the beginning,
    Regards from Brussels,

    • http://happyandblue2.com Happy and Blue 2

      Like the new design. And I am excited by the RSS feed option.

      The blog idea interests me although I would have little in the tech mode to write about.

      I tend to disagree with the truly related items statement. The items showing for this post are about upgrading Windows XP and browsers and such. Which is not particularly related to the post content which is about upgrading being down with the newsletter.

      Finally, since I have not contributed before using this name I will be interested to see what happens when I press “Submit Comment.”

      • http://happyandblue2.com Happy and Blue 2

        Not sure what is up with the formating of the comment I just left, but woohoo for it letting me comment without any hassle..

        • RonK

          This time you nailed it! The new design looks and works great.

        • Michael Tanner

          W00t! I’m just all warm and happy inside because this format behaves for me in Outlook’s preview pane.

          Thanks Chris! from a looooongtime gnomie.

          • Carol

            My October 6 Windows Fanatics just arrived. I can’t read it. It is a page of garbage characters.. No, I can’t view it as HTML either. I am supposed to get text newsletters.

  • Fred Fisher

    Will the newsletters have the daily forum activity in them again ? Being too busy to check the forums everyday it was a gr8 way to keep up on the chatter goin on there. Anyway gr8 job guys hope you can see your way clear to putting it back on.

    Slappy Da Clown

  • Brad

    Great news! I left Lockergnome a few years ago because the content was truncated from newsletters.. now I’m back and happy to be a gnomie again. Cheers!

  • Ray

    Having much difficulty recently. RSS feed for Windows Fanatics and Tech News keep coming up with a message THIS FEED NO LONGER EXISTS. Running XP Home SP 1 & 2 w/ IE 7. Any idea what I have screwed up?

  • http://wasdpr75wmconnect.com Ernie

    I was wondering if anyone else was not getting your newsletter ? The Oct 6th newsletter was the last one I have recieved . I miss not seeing the newsletter in my email . Is there a problem with people all of a sudden not recieving your newsletter or am I an isolated problem ?

  • Dave

    The new design looks nice, but the email version doesn’t display properly with my mail reader, Pegasus Mail. The “recent additions” box overlaps the right edge of the main window, covering the last few letters of each line.
    Pegasus Mail has an option to display messages in an internet browser. Opening it in Firefox1.5.0.7 makes it readable, but the “recent additions” stuff is now right at the bottom of the message. It seems to display properly when opened in IE.

  • Me

    Like the old style better. 100K? Too much. If I want to read a book I’ll go to Barnes and Nobles. 100 to over 300 pages? Come on now.

  • Vincent Schwartzenberger

    Don’t care for it. Think you could have gone for a different look. This one’s too spread out and too long of a page, now.

  • dimar

    I’m all for change, but whatever you do, DO NOT MAKE THE FONT SMALLER. The useful reading area of the screen is much smaller now and is difficult to read.