30Boxes Improves On Windowing System

The popular Web calendar 30Boxes has improved its Webtop by adding a javascript windowing system. The Webtop is a way for you to have a centralized place where you can check your calendar, to-do lists, and other Web sites that you frequent often, all inside of 30Boxes. The new improvements allow you to open a window inside of the Webtop without having to open another tab in your browser. The 30Boxes blog has more about the new enhancements to the Webtop.

We released the next revision of our webtop today and it is a bit more polished (still some work to go with some buggy favicons in IE) but you now have your dock, search, an upoming personal agenda, and buddy updates. Additionally, for non-email dock items, we have created a windowing system that lets the webtop inline other applications which creates an experience and look that is downright cool. Love Netvibes as a start page (we do!), then drop it on your webtop.

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