Insert A File Into A File (Word 2003)

Word provides you with the ability to insert a file into your open document. For example, if you currently have a Word document open, you can insert a second Word document into it. One of the handy things about this is that it can save you a lot of typing (and a lot of time).

Inserting another file into your open document is a simple process. The steps are outlined for you below.

  1. Open your Word document.

  2. Place the cursor in the open document where you want to insert the second one.
  3. From the Insert menu, click Insert File. If you are using Word 2002, click File from the Insert menu.
  4. Locate the file that you want to insert into your document and click the Insert button.

Word will automatically insert the file into your open document.

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  • Colin

    I just tried this, but instead of inserting the document into the file, it pasted the text from the document into the first one..

    Thats not how I want it to do it..

  • Colleen


    If you don’t want the text of the whole document, click the button that says something like “display icon” instead.

  • Eric

    Can I insert all of the text of the inserted document, plus the inserted document’s headers and footers too, so that the inserted document looks just like it would if it were a standalone document?

    My main document, Guidelines.doc, presents format and content guidelines for writing a standard report. I’d like to take the report template document, Report.doc, and insert/embed/add it to a text box (or frame?) on a page in Guidelines.doc so that Report.doc looks the way it would if it were a printed document, except reduced in size so that all of Report.doc is contained inside the box, including Report.doc’s original headers and footers, and then the whole Report.doc box is framed by the headers and footers of Guidelines.doc.

    Is that doable?

  • Joydeep

    I was trying to insert a powerpoint 2007 file into word 2003. It was inserting something but when i wanted to edit it it showed some compatability error. I have installed 2007 compatibility pack for office 2003.

  • Joydeep

    Is there any way of doing it??

  • Marilyn

    Can I insert another word document which has both graphics and text into my already open word 2007 document?

  • Cesare

    I inserted a Word file then saved and done more work to the document. The file appears as text. I have then realised that the file is wrong an dI want to remove but I cannot select it anymore. Any suggestion?

  • Mark

    You go to insert>object>create from file>(select file)>(Check: display as icon)>(Click OK)

  • nh

    go to insert. select object. browse for file. select show as icon. edit title of doc. select icon. hit ok. you are happy.